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Feb 4, 2013

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Gainesville Fl Mayoral Candidates Q&A

Here are the questions I asked, will update with responses as they come in: Do you support new taxes, or even lowering taxes? Do you support free market competition in energy, in any/everything else? What do you you feel the role of government is? How much money do you really feel the government needs to carry out its duties? What is your position on guns? Gainesville Mayor Ed Braddy:(response time:approx 6hours) Good morning. A) I oppose new taxes and would support lowering the current tax/fee burden. When I was a city commissioner, I advocated lowering the property tax rate, which the commission did a few times ... but not enough. B) I support market competition in nearly all areas, and that includes energy. I think we see now the danger of a public utility free from competition - GRU's rate hikes are about to skyrocket due to the disastrous biomass contract obligation. C) The role of government is to preserve our liberty. To me that means government - at all levels - must be limited in scope; its footprint must be small and light. It is there to provide core services such as police and fire protection, maintain the infrastructure we all use like roads and parks, and very little else. It should have minimal impact on the private sector - that includes both business and residential. Government should facilitate an environment where people can maximize their freedom, and our constitution mandates that government preserve the republican form of government. D) Government provides services. My view is it should provide these services at a cost no greater than necessary. If you can find such service offered privately in the yellow pages, then such service should be opened to competition. If not, then - again - at a cost to the taxpayer that is no greater than necessary. One thing that distinguishes me from the other candidates is that they support on some level grandiose public projects that we simply cannot afford - bimass, bus rapid transit, downtown convention center, etc. I don't. E) I'm a gun owner and supporter of the Second Amendment. I believe what the Founding Fathers believed - that the 2nd Amendment guarantees an individual's right to keep and bear arms. Hope this helps. Regards, Ed Scherwin L. Henry:(4 days, has not answered questions, asked for my name before answering questions) Peter Lars Johnson:(no response so far) Craig Lowe:(no response so far) Donald E. Shepherd, Sr.:(no response so far) Mark Venzke:(response time:3days,answers coming)  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #1)