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Oct 19, 2011

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Fraudulent Dr.Gregory Wayne Smith D.O./ I will publish this letter I'm sending to you on the net Thanks Dear Data Bank If your purpose is to actually protect our society. Then something needs to be done about this Doctor Gregory Wayne Smith D.O. his Empoyer , Bay Area Emergency Physicians , and all responsible for allowing such a tragedy.. A fraud, deceiving patients when most vulnerable(while having a stroke). Strategically uninsuring himself, Pretending to be Board Certified , when was not. Not disclosing this to the Patient as most would have run! the other way , if they had known something was fishy. The only factor here was moving the patient along, no regard for competence & human life. This is a Stroke Center Correct, at Morton Plant Hospital. Hopefuly the person reading this doesn't find themselves in a similar circumstance, or anyone else who could have done something about preventing another tragedy like this. See youtube: Nancy Stroke victim Fraudulent BaycareHealth System Dupes 86y/o Lady at Clearwater, florida Morton Plant Hospital . Bay Area EmergencyPhysician s( An Emergency Physician Groupcontracted by Morton Plant Hospital) Provided a totally inadequate Doctor(Gregory Wayne Smith D.O.) To work in ER/ Stroke Center . He claimed he was board certified , he infact was not. He did not possess malpractice insurance nor did he post this asrequired by Florida Law . This 86y/o lady wasactually having a stroke when she Arrived in the ER. Morton Plant Hospital ERhad The Dr. Gregory WayneSmith D.O. of Bay Area Emergency Physicians on staff at the time. Moving the patient alongand out of here!! and getting the bedready for the next patient , for monetary gain was obviously his goal. How is it possible for aPatient to go to a Stroke Center while actually having a Stroke, TotallyMisdiagnose d Be doped up withCompazine. Then sent home where you live alone to complete your massive Stroke. Unbelievable !!!!!!! Help Put These Crooks outof Business !!!!!!!! If we allow this typeof fraudulent medical treatment To go on , you and I mightfind ourselves in a similar circumstance.  (Oct 23, 2011 | post #1)