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Feb 9, 2013

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The Crown Capital Management International Relations-PTC ...

http://communities nkiefrost8/2013/02 /08/the-crown-capi tal-management-int ernational-relatio ns--no-reset-in-si ght-amid-us-russia -relations MOSCOW: There are few hopes in Russia for another “reset” in relations as US President Barack Obama enters his second term, with bilateral disputes growing every month and mutual distrust increasing, analysts say. Russia has welcomed the appointment of old hand John Kerry as US secretary of state while Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held an apparently cordial meeting with Vice President Joe Biden on the sidelines of a security conference at the weekend. But analysts caution that mistrust runs too deep and disputes are too numerous for Washington and Moscow to make any headway in bringing about the transformation in relations that Obama hoped for when he first came to power in 2009. “The Kremlin is now turning Russia towards a strategic confrontation with the US,” said Lilia Shevtsova, an analyst with the Carnegie Moscow Centre. In its latest salvo in late January, Russia announced plans for bans on all US meat imports and the termination of a long-standing bilateral drug control agreement.  (Feb 10, 2013 | post #1)

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The Crown Capital Management International Relations – Ne...

The Asia-Pacific region enjoys an increasingly prominent position in the international political and economic layout by virtue of continued rapid development. The United States pays more and more attention to the region and wants to share the fruits of its prosperity. In this regard, the Asian countries are able to understand.  &# 12288; In the past century, the United States has always been playing an important part in the affairs in the Asia-Pacific region. No one is trying to shun the United States from involvement in the development process of the region. The implicit "strategic preset" in the so-called "return to Asia" or "turn to Asia" policy of the United States is completely unnecessary, and even harmful.   As one of the important countries in the Asia-Pacific region, China has been committed to its own peaceful development while making important contributions to regional prosperity and stability. The path of peaceful development is the heritage and development of traditional Chinese culture as well as the inevitable conclusion drawn by the Chinese people after suffering many difficulties ever since the modern times. http://www.fubiz.n et/en/usersstuff/t he-crown-capital-m anagement-internat ional-relations-ne w-type-of-china-us -relations-is-not- empty-concept-2/  (Feb 9, 2013 | post #1)