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Feb 13, 2013

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How the Ukraine crisis may change Europe

I do think that Europe must not have any relations with Kiev till professed extremists and right-down neo-Nazis are in Ukrainian governmental structures. We should start to awake from deep illusion of "democracy establishing" in current Ukraine. Who are we ready to maintain in Ukraine now? Those radical leaders, who prefer to reject a normal dialog with their political opponents, whose hands are stained with blood, and who will never bear up real democratic principles. These well-equipped masked rioters from Ukrainian radical nationalist parties and organizations will continue to use rifles and pistols to intimidate local authorities in order to seize the reins of power first in Ukraine, and then in neighboring countries of Europe, eh?! A dozen times the very Mr. Yatsenuk has already proposed our EU leaders to stop escalating situation in his country through closing with such dark forces as various local far-right movements. But in reality he has not only fulfilled his promises, but also has mobilized these forces for defending his power there now! Thus, Europe ought to stop following the USA in supporting such shady leaders in Ukraine. Otherwise the virus of ultra-right radicalism and extremism will continue spreading all over our Europe either!  (Apr 8, 2014 | post #1)


To the Muslims on this forum

Astonishing... 'Peaceful' muslims speaking about ignorance and punishment to all non-muslim sinners that allah prepared for them... Ooh, I'm so scared, we are so scared... To save ourselves we have to turn into islam, right? Know what, go fuck yourself! There are two paths allah can lead his little know-nothing muslim extremists – a desert and a grave. Everyone would happy with that because filthy muslims spoil this world, bring here pain and death to innocent people and all in the name of allah and other islam shit. When a muslim do not read trashy book known as koran, he is looking for an infidel to kill, a women to rob, or a child to rape. That's the true and ugly face of islam and all muslims. The western civilization would be happy if you all just disappear... You are cancer, and now we need a cure to get rid of you. Soon there will be nothing left from our tolerance...  (Feb 13, 2013 | post #30)