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Oct 14, 2010

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Seabeck, WA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Washington in 2010?

I'm not sure what handouts or government help you are referring to regarding real estate. Most real estate practitioners are working twice as hard and making half the pay. upwards of 40% have left the business in our area. Yes, eliminating the interest deduction would hurt our business but more importantly it would hurt the average american who owns a home. I feel like you are swapping sides here Northie. This is the government that you seem to want more of that has mishandled the so called bail out. You also again refer to "rich nations" What are you holding out as a standard for a rich nation? Regardless of the balance....or in some cases the mis-balance we are still the most fortunate country in the world. Having said that we do seem to be standing on the precipice of greater government intervention. This bail out was mishandled, government run health care is looking not only very expensive but ill-conceived and inefficient...just about everything the government does becomes full of access and waste. Less government, more free enterprise. I think it is important to look at the big picture. Is our and me..better off than our parants generation....I would say yes. Next, will our children be better off than we are. I still think yes though the big challenges facing them are Healthcare, immigration and education. All of which are broken but this health care package that has been passed is not the one has guts enough to handle the immigration challenge and the unions are too strong to allow what needs to be done within the education system....and wow this conversation has stayed......good one though..Thank you.  (Oct 16, 2010 | post #95)

Seabeck, WA

Discussion continues over Seabeck Cemetery property

Thank you to the Justs for all of their hard work. The Seabeck Cemetery is a great link from our past. The new sign looks great!! There is a good book about the area...if you can find it buy it....Tides Out, Tables Set...They may have them at Seabeck Landing General Store. Fun to look through the book then go to the cemetery, the history comes alive. Check out this FaceBook Page for Seabeck too: http://www.faceboo k-WA/1565330310336 40  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #1)

Seabeck, WA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Washington in 2010?

Northie wrote......"h ome ownership, a secure retirement, access to health care...all are now going or gone, thanks to the corporate takeover of government that has been under way for the past thirty years" We live in a capitalist society. One in which we enjoy more freedoms and access to more goods and services than any other country in the world. Our home individual ownership is more than any in the world....the quality, skill and the care delivered medically is the best in the world. All developed in a capitalist system....a free and open market. The more the government gets involved the more regulated, chocked and stifled it will become. You also said " but it is also hugely unfair, with a third of Americans uninsured or underinsured, with insurance companies refusing anyone with a pre-existing condition and dropping anyone who gets sick. No other rich nation has these problems because they all regulate the industry; it's about time we do the same." What would be an example of a "rich nation" England/UK...I can tell you they have people waiting in line for treatment. Canada....funny... they come across to our country to get treatment that is being put off in their country too. Granted...our system is not perfect but why are you so eager to through it all out...the grass is not greener. Where are you getting your is so sweeping and totally wrong. Have you ever traveled abroad? Please do so and you will learn people in other countries would love to have what we have. Get out from behind your TV, talk to people outside your immediate sphere of influence and you will see you are actually living in a pretty great place.  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #87)

Seabeck, WA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Washington in 2010?

Wow..Wolf..lots of anger there....btw...did you know George Washington was a freemason? So mote it be  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #73)

Seabeck, WA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Washington in 2010?

So are you saying that you support allowing the government to run our health care with a sweeping mandate that most who voted on it do not fully understand? I'm for changes in health care...we certainly need that...but when you ask your doctor or the administrative people of the health care organizations that provide our care, how this will affect my family and they cannot looks to me that too many people have chosen to follow blindly. Instead of asking the 85% of us who do have health care to change how we operate to cover the 15% who are not covered is irresponsible....e specially when we have not addressed basic issues like torte reform. One single item that could go a log way in decreasing health care costs. The second issue is jobs...If you can not support an environment that is business friendly then you are certainly headed for a government supported community.(like communities that live and dies based on the base closure list) WA state is one of the harder states in which to start a business. If you wan to build or develop the costs involved in both time and money have forced larger companies to look elsewhere. Boeing is just one example. Just one example of one issue would be transportation.... .without good transportation methods companies cannot bring goods, services or employees to work or market. Our area is gridlocked...didn' t wan the Tacoma Narrows Bridge..lots of arm wrestling..thank God we got it. Thought we had a monorail took the property to build from property owners then decided not to build....and then didn't give the property back but sold it at a profit.....Sorry.. lots of issues all wrapped into one but the business discussion is a multi facetted discussion. To summarize....Rossi e Yes.....Murray NO....(I did vote for her last time by the this in not a DvsR discussion)  (Oct 15, 2010 | post #72)

Poulsbo, WA

Vote yes for Kitsap Libraries

Please vote yes for Kitsap Libraries. Yes...I know we are living in a time when if it looks or feels like a tax we are all shooting it down. I would prefer to look at this as a true investment in our communities. By voting YES for Kitsap Libraries we are helping to improve our community...yes... right here in Kitsap...which means Silverdale, Port Orchard, Bremerton, Poulsbo, Kingston and Bainbridge Island. Kitsap Regional Libraries cover all parts of our peninsula. Specifically this money will go to build 2 new libraries; one in Kingston and one in Silverdale. This will help to put local contractors to work in the short term and minds of all ages to work in the long term. If you want to know who this will affect you financially, or if you would like to know more about this topic, please go here: http://voteyeskits ntralkitsap.html  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #1)

Seabeck, WA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Washington in 2010?

Patty murray supports Obamacare and is not as business oriented as Dino Rossi  (Oct 14, 2010 | post #58)

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