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Dec 9, 2011

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Valley Station, KY

What Do You Think of Bob Henderson 14th District Council Man

Does anyone know Bob Henderson from when he worked for the railroad - I believe it was CSX??? I've heard something very interesting about the circumstances in which he left their employment??? Can anyone add to this? Also, is Mr Earl Yocum the Soldier pictured in the new mural painted on the side of Michael Tire Co? Does it actually show him as a Sergeant Major - E-9 Rank??? I've heard doubts from those who know him that he never held that rank - Just curious!!! Also, can anyone add to the woman added by Ex- Mayor/King Jerry to the PRP Fire Board - against the wishes of the people of PRP? I've heard good ole Bob backed her and she is married to one of Bobs staff members - if true isn't that interesting???  (Dec 9, 2011 | post #9)

Valley Station, KY

What Do You Think of Bob Henderson 14th District Council Man

Hey Bob - Thanks for ramrodding through the rezoning of the old Jones farm - did you make anything off of that deal? It's awful funny that you wouldn't let MR Jones rezone when he wanted to put a bodyshop on the back part of his property - which would have added a few jobs and kept Mr Jones farm here - but no !!! Now we who live in the immediate area are left to deal with the hundreds of people - and their cars - while good ole Bob lives comfortable on the quite end of his street. Why didn't the voices of the people who live here mean anything to you Bob? Aren't we your constituents, who youy are supposed to serve Bob? Who did you serve on that deal Bob??? It wasn't us! You should be ashamed of yourself! Any more real estate deal before you retire Bob - is there one more to squeeze in??? If so, how about it effecting the end of your street and your home - instead of mine, if you are going to make unilateral decisions!  (Dec 9, 2011 | post #8)