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Mar 11, 2013

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Sacramento, CA

Convicted Felon Busted For Possessing Assault Weapons, Th...

Wait so all 8 of his firearms were UNREGISTERED?? Hmm what a shocker that mean a criminal got his guns on the black market, because he's a criminal, and he wouldn't want his bullet to be traced back to him, if and when, he ever murdered someone?? Well I'm stunned and amazed, that a criminal intending on committing a crime with his firearms, wouldn't want them to be registered to him, so he just goes and gets them from Big Moe down the street...go figure. Meanwhile psycopaths and sociopaths like Bob Finch (who falls into both categories) wants good and decent citizens like you and I, to have a hard time getting the guns we very well may need to protect ourselves, and our families from felons like this. What a great concept that is. Thanks Bob Finch, I guess the next time a felon like this breaks into our house with unregistered semi-automatic weapons, we'll just huddle in a circle, and start praying for the killer to take it easy on us. Thanks again Bob Finch.  (Jun 28, 2013 | post #3)

Sacramento, CA

Bowel movement on the sidewalk

ROFLMFAO!!!  (May 8, 2013 | post #14)

Sacramento, CA

Shoot On Site Every Cop In California

Good idea, we're just waiting on u to take the lead homie. Kinda like follow the leader, don't worry bro we're right behind u. If I don't hear from u again I'll just wait for your mug to be on every news station, billboard, newspaper, magazine, bulletin, instagram and milk carton on the planet.  (May 8, 2013 | post #4)

Sacramento, CA

Abortion Debate - Sacramento, CA

1 where does it say in the Bible that abortion is murder? #2 since u put quotations around that, it must be a quote from somewhere, so where's the reference?  (May 7, 2013 | post #22)

Sacramento, CA

whose better at sex.white men or black men?

Oh I'm sorry, that's not the reason u had difficulty; my fault. I guess it doesn't really matter why once again u had difficulty with the whole responding thing, but let's not beat a dead horse here!! What would be the point of starting this thread? I think if I was a nazi warhero trying to get people to fuel their inner racist, this would be the kind of question I would ask!! You're obviously a dumb blonde, because no other race would be as nieve/mentally handicapped as u. U sound easier to get into than community college!!  (May 7, 2013 | post #95)

Sacramento, CA

Bowel movement on the sidewalk

What's the difference between Utica, NY, and an outhouse in the heart of downtown? No standing in line on the sidewalk! Welcome to Utica, NY! Where bums freely drop their drawers, and have at it wherever they please!! ;) Looking forward to the next update out of Utica, thanks ellis :).  (May 6, 2013 | post #4)

Sacramento, CA

whose better at sex.white men or black men?

Congratulations on learning what the "reply" button is for, I can see that was a little confusing for u. It's ok though, keep your head up, atleast you're now the frontrunner for the "Disproving Darwin's Theory Award"!!!  (May 3, 2013 | post #92)

Sacramento, CA

SCH: Sacramento Wins The Future

That's right, it's the dawn of a new era here. I know it's not official, but if u saw Stern's interview on NBA TV yesterday, then u know it's a done deal. What a glorious day it is here in Sac-Town!! The air's just a little but fresher, and the sky more beautiful than it's been in a long time. I can't wait until they start building the new will feel so much more real then. Sacramento, get ready to become a destination city. We have arrived!! Kevin Johnson > Anyone that ever lived > A bum on North B St. > The Magoofs  (Apr 30, 2013 | post #1)

NBA Basketball

NBA Committee Votes Unanimously to Deny Kings Move to Sea...

That's right sorry Seattle but u just got "Maloofed " Kevin Johnson > Every person who ever lived. FACT.  (Apr 29, 2013 | post #2)

Sacramento, CA

Man drowns during Sacramento fishing trip

An avg. of 11 people drown in Sacramento rivers every year, and u still have people in boats w no life jackets. So sad this guy is dead, but when are people going to wake up and realize how unbelievably dangerous it is, to be in the middle of a river w no life jacket. On avg. about 90% of these victims are male, which tells me many men think it's not macho to be seen w a life jacket. U know what else isn't macho? Dying because you're too cool to be seen w a life jacket on. Unfortunately this will be, just the first of many, preventable drownings the Sac area will see this season.  (Apr 29, 2013 | post #1)

Sacramento, CA

The Corner Coffee Shop: The new NOTHING Thread

A stranger walks into the shop for the first time. He pauses to wipe dirt off his shoes. His head turns up and at that exact moment he sees a few ppl sitting in a corner. "Well looks like they're havin some good laughs over that way". He says. He stops to ponder his next move...Well this is what I came here for isn't it? He thinks. He walks up to the counter and orders, "one lt ice latte w lt milk please." While waiting for his drink he slowly walks over to the table....Hey there my people!! My name is Maxwell. It cool if I sit w u guys?  (Apr 29, 2013 | post #6989)

Sacramento, CA

whose better at sex.white men or black men?

What a great way to keep racism alive!! Keep asking q's like this that put fuel onto the fire. The only people dumber, than the person that started this debate, are the tools that actually responded!! If u were involved in this thread...CONGRATUL ATIONS!!...You're still in the running for the "Disproving Darwin's Theory Award"  (Apr 27, 2013 | post #86)

Sacramento, CA

why is white people so racist

Why "is" u so ignorant? Can u do me a favor, and please learn the English language? Other than that you're doing a fantastic job of feeding into the stereotype, that racist people aren't very bright. *Why "are" white people so racist"? " *Wherever is one word, not two. (U also forgot a comma in that sentence) *They are "an" extremely violent race. Five errors, in only four sentences...OUCH!! ...Your mom must be so proud.  (Apr 27, 2013 | post #25)

Sacramento, CA

Calif. Dems advance wide-ranging gun control bills

Hallelujah, and amen!!!  (Apr 16, 2013 | post #2)

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Sacramento, CA



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Raising my 9 yr old daughter as a single dad

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My eternal savior The Lord Jesus. My Rock, The One who saved me from eternal damnation. My life; I owe to You.