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Jul 14, 2012

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Oh yes on *Miss Ross.The way she helped "Flo's"' kids.IT's a very good example and role model for Michael's kids.She did help them retrive some of their money from Berry Gordy correct?Didn't I read that somewhere? That she helped them get off welfare.I am so scared to post this.Something tells me I am about to get murdered.Oh guys please I am old; have mercy.I am having a serious senile moment!My best friend children wouldn't have wanted for a thing.Just food for thought.She owed them nothing Right?nor Berry Gordy?Right?I think I am trying to convience my self.Not u u or U ?You?  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #5)


Diana Ross and the death of Florence Ballard

Where is Chico Ross?Dianal's brother?Last heard of around 2007?or 09?  (Jul 22, 2012 | post #136)


Diana Ross and the death of Florence Ballard

I wrote earlier that Berry was doing a musical about his life.Why now?Could it be that flo's movie will put him and Miss Ross in further controversy.So he must hurry and do a $100mil musical. I here 2013 it will be ready.Well all I have to say respectfully is the Man is 82 yrs.old He better hurry he's barely breathing now He's old.Not sick. just old. .Want we be sad.A world without Napeolon miss spelled? ?Anyway thats what he calls himself.I also wrote If Flo was drowning couldn't she at least been given a life line.Was she so bad she did not deserve a rest or help?.The lady was tired.She had kids to feed.How she was treated does not sit well with me.So unless he is willing to tell the truth in his so called musical.I say get lost.O yes if I hear one more word about cross over appeal of Ross .I swear I will die for one minute.When I wake, I pray this night mare of a world will be over.Oh yes save the comments underachiver,Low life,They worked hard,jealousy and on and on .Alexander the Great conquered the world of his time Irony.He too was buried under six feet of dirt.PLUS THE WISE LAY Down with the stupid.Berry and Diana have been walking over and pass people like me for over 50ty yrs.There you have it .But you know storms knows no bounds.They donot quakes,hurricanes. hit your mansion like it will my hut.So save one I mean no one likes to be lied to.Berry and Diana "Call Her Miss Ross"knew if people had learned of their mistreatment of Flo sales would have fallen like mad.The Funk bad as they were treated always speaks well of Berry.Only Three are left now.Poor James Jamerson had to scalp for a ticket to see the 25th ANN.of motown .Read "STanding in the Shadows of Motown".We all reap what we sow. Cowards die many times before their deaths. Also Berry was sued by Teena Maria,Mary Wells,Martha Reeves and many others and some are pending.If he was so honest as soulfuldetroit site claims.Why was he successfully sued?Will some one tell me I am wrong and that he is NOT a crook.Any answer will do.Things that make you go huh HUH.the cross over only fed his and Ross pocket.So dog gone you stepped on others not for motown but to gain fame and more fame now it spells Shame. HUH#####$$$$$& &&&/// +++++  (Jul 15, 2012 | post #135)