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Feb 11, 2014

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What are you thinking about now?

I'm thinking on how easy it would be for Domestic Terrorists could use the Internet to brainwash the entire population of every major city in this here United States.  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #11381)


Word Association 2

Scallion  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #2535)


What song are you listening to right now?

The old folks at The Byrd House love this show. But when I hear this song, I feel like throwing these old GEEZERS ... OFF THE ROOF! It's so STUPID .com/embed/qQTqKco jrVY?autoplay=1  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #132623)

Searcy, AR

Parents, would you forsake and disown your child for bein...

What happens when that 5:00 shadow shows up at 1:00? Chicks with beards ain't cool. You need to go ALL THE WAY!  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #50)

Searcy, AR

Facts About Pedifiles

Grrrrrr THAT WAS HIDEOUS! Like BARF-o-RAMA DUDES AND DETTS  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #24)

Searcy, AR

Facts About Pedifiles

OH... The heck with it! Lets listen at this, OK? .com/embed/ge-cNfo srMU?autoplay=1  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #23)

Searcy, AR

Facts About Pedifiles

Yes! That's what ... That other guy said!  (Feb 11, 2014 | post #22)

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