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Jul 18, 2009


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Q & A with flbadcatowner


I call it as I see it.


Retirement City


rural - we swing from vines

I Belong To:

I sing in a barbershop chorus. However , I have taken a leave of absence while my voice recovers from vocal cord fatigue.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I watch youtube videos of oldies music and visit baseball and football websites.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I try to be honest and respectful to my opponents

I'm Listening To:

oldies, especially doowop

Favorite Things:

pets, snakes, N.Y. Yankees, and N.Y. Giants

On My Mind:

The wanton killing of snakes is senseless and unjustified. For that matter, animal cruelty of any kind is an atrocity.

I Believe In:

Centrist politics, common sense, reasonable ecology, and old school morality and as tough as I talk againsr trolls, I really wish we could all just get along.