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CLX Logistics listed among America’s Leading 3PLs by Glo...

CLX Logistics LLC, a global provider of comprehensive logistics management, transportation technology, and supply chain services, has been listed among America’s Leading 3PLs within the September issue of Global Trade Magazine. Each year, Global Trade Magazine editors, in partnership with Armstrong & Associates, a leader in supply chain market research and consulting, choose the top ten 3PLs within 10 different categories. “CLX Logistics was chosen to the list of America’s leading 3PLs within the category of Specialty Cargo as it is among the best for specialization and experience in the chemical industry,” noted Patrick Dooley, Editor and Chief Operating Officer, Global Trade Magazine. “CLX Logistics is excited to be recognized as one of the top 3PLs in the country by a Global Trade Magazine, a notable publication in the logistics industry,” notes Ken Vrtis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of CLX Logistics. “While our ChemLogix brand specializes in chemical transportation, the CLX organization has expanded operations to provide transportation management solutions to various industry verticals across the globe.” To download a copy of the September issue of Global Trade Magazine, visit m/publication/?i=2 22392 . For more information on CLX Logistics, refer to the website at www.CLXLogistics.c om.  (Sep 18, 2014 | post #1)


Prepare Your Company To Work with a 3PL For Greatest Succ...

So, you’ve made the decision to contract a third party logistics provider (3PL) to optimize your logistic operations. While the resources and market intelligence offered by the 3PL promise to address your transportation challenges and help you better maintain a competitive edge, companies – and their staff - must be prepared to work with the 3PL and commit to the program. Check out some of the main keys to outsourcing success by reading ChemLogix latest blog at: http://blog.chemlo epare-your-company -to-work-with-a-3p l-for-greatest-suc cess-and-roi/  (Dec 5, 2013 | post #1)

Aston, PA

Tech Company Bases 25 Years of Success On Efficient Ops, ...

Global Monitoring is a thriving Philadelphia suburban business that bases its success on concentrating on core technology, outsourcing locally and selling globally. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the technology company produces specialized equipment that keeps tabs on conditions at remote or unattended sites. Founded in 1988, the instrumentation and controls company has sold over 10,000 systems to customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Global Monitoring is the brainchild of Steve Sanislo who has nearly three decades of experience in developing reliable, cost-effective remote monitoring systems for facility management, equipment monitoring, vendor managed inventory and other applications in the commercial, government and industrial markets. A long-time Delaware County resident, Steve attributes the company’s success to a unique business model that combines the attributes of a large organization with those of a smaller business. While operating like a big business with a global reach, the company remains efficient with a deliberately small but specialized engineering staff concentrated on product development, design and mechanical engineering. Even as sales increased over the past 25 years, the company has decreased overhead and remains focused on its key engineering expertise rather than bring capabilities such as manufacturing in-house. “With a small pool of talented engineers, we maintain tight control on our intellectual property,” explains Steve, who serves as CEO and President of Global Monitoring. “And by outsourcing manufacturing and production, we can still offer significant capability while having the time to concentrate on business development and customer service.” Through outsourcing, Global Monitoring gains extraordinary production flexibility with minimal overhead and administrative costs. The technology company can par down manufacturing in a business downturn and ramp up to meet peak demand. As a result, Global Monitoring has been financially stable and debt-free for over 10 years. Global Monitoring contracts its outsources from an abundance of manufacturing and production resources within a few hours drive of Philadelphia, larger than that of entire countries such as Canada, Korea, Australia, France, or the UK, Steve notes. “By using local vendors, we can meet on regular intervals in addition to using Skype, email and other interactive forums to maintain close relationships.” Steve continues, “there’s no question that there are many offshore outsources that deliver products of exceptional quality at attractive costs, but when you factor in the intangible benefits of local outsourcing, the scale begins to tip in favor of the local source .” “Local outsourcing has a completely different feel as time, travel and language are not issues and you can readily communicate and interact with their staff. For example, I sat down with the president of a company that makes our metalwork and he offered suggestions that improved the quality of our product and reduced its cost. The best part is that his expert knowledge also came with a free lunch! ” In many cases, Global Monitoring has worked with local suppliers for years, like PCB assembler Electronic Integration (see photo) who fabricates and assembles the printed circuit boards for its line of Messenger™ Remote Monitors. Based in Feasterville, PA, the Electronic Contract Manufacturer serves Global Monitoring along with a variety of Fortune 1000 companies. “The bottom line is to choose your outsource carefully and choose locally, even if it costs more!” says Steve. “The right local outsource provides much more than contract labor and can reduce your fixed costs while improving quality and delivery.” For more information on Global Monitoring on their web site at: www.globalmonitori ng. Or connect with them on their Facebook or Linked In  (Apr 2, 2013 | post #1)

Moorestown, NJ

Macro Sensors Appoints New Business Unit Sales Manager

MacroSensors announces the appointment of Fran Mashintonio as Business Unit Sales Manager. In this position, Fran will focus on supporting corporate growth, with target markets in power generation, subsea, industrial/factory automation as well as the hydraulics industry. For over 30 years, Fran has been involved in the sensor and electromechanical industry, working as a general manager of his own distribution company as well as in sales and applications engineering positions for different process instruments and controls manufacturers. Most notably, he served as Sales Manager at Princo Instruments, Inc. for over a decade, where he worked directly with sales representatives and provided sales support programs, materials, application and product information, and training. A “hands-on” sales and management professional with a technical background, Fran holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration as well as an Associates Degree in Electronics. He will be based at Macro Sensors corporate headquarters in Pennsauken, NJ and can be reached at [email protected] For more information, please contact Macro Sensors at [email protected] or refer to the web site at www.macrosensors.c om  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)


chemlogix selects ticontract e-sourcing tool to optimize ...

ChemLogix LLC ( ) has selected the TICONTRACT web-based logistics and freight sourcing solution to support North American inbound and outbound logistics requirements for carrier rate bid execution and management in all transportation modes including land, air and sea. Offering a dynamic web-based software platform for logistics RFPs and freight data management, TICONTRACT provides ChemLogix with the tools for easier RFP management as well as greater analytical capabilities that will yield better bid results for its customers in different shipment scenarios. "Our selection of TICONTRACT was based on the functionality and analytic capabilities of the tool,” notes Mike Challman, Chemlogix Vice President of North American Operations. “TICONTRACT also has a strong logistics focus, user-friendly products and local, Philadelphia-based customer support that make the company a great choice for us.” Florian Dussler, CEO, TICONTRACT, also views the agreement as a clear win-win. “Each company has a unique and strong set of core competencies that, in combination, will add significant additional value to customers.” ChemLogix is currently evaluating TICONTRACT on its potential capabilities to support broader carrier management efforts, including contract management and integration with TMS platforms. For more information on ChemLogix and its international logistics services, please refer to its web site at For more Information on TICONTRACT, visit http://www.ticontr  (Dec 19, 2012 | post #1)


.Are you Paying Too Much for Your Shipments?

When was the last time you analyzed your actual carrier costs? If you haven’t reviewed your carrier activity during the past year, there’s a good chance you are paying higher than originally contracted fees and, possibly, above market rates. Competition for static transportation resources by shippers has prompted many carriers to initiate across-the-board rate increases. At the same time, rising fuel charges continue to escalate carrier surcharges. And with limited transportation resources available to support increasing freight demands, shippers like you may had to occasionally contract more expensive drivers to get goods transported on time. As a result, your freight costs may be higher than planned and represent a more significant percentage of delivered price. To remain competitive and understand actual transportation costs, chemical shippers must gather market intelligence on their own networks to get an accurate picture of how they are buying in the market. By reviewing shipments history, carrier agreements and freight invoices, a benchmark study can reveal what was actually paid to a carrier on a per shipment basis. And by comparing this data to market trend costs for shipping goods in specific traffic lands and geographic regions, a benchmark can determine if you paid best in class rates or too much with specific carriers. Through this analysis, the benchmark study can provide insights on the competitiveness of your company’s freight rates. It can also serve as a basis to negotiate significant improvements to your own carrier agreements and standardize corporate rates associated with accessorial charges such as fuel surcharges and unloading costs among your carriers. However, compiling and analyzing this data requires a significant investment of time and resources as well as access to competitive carrier freight rate and lane imbalance information to which most shippers don’t have access. That’s where a transportation consultant, such as ChemLogix, becomes invaluable. Possessing market intelligence, an established carrier network as well as a dedicated team focused on this work, a third party logistics provider (3PL) - familiar with your industry - can conduct a thorough benchmark study faster and more cost effective than many in-house logistic departments who don’t have the available resources or experience for this endeavor. Using benchmark results, 3PLs can take you to the next step in negotiating rates with carriers for service in specific lanes and regions and identifying new sources to replace those that have priced themselves too high for your business. To find out more about how benchmarking can provide you with the tools and analysis to mitigate rising carrier costs, contact us at [email protected] or visit our web site at: http://www.chemlog reight-procurement .  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #1)