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May 24, 2008

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WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Who needs to be banned from the road?

I take offense at the comment from rjhall and truck drivers. I am a truck driver, and with Michigan and other states having duel speed limits, it makes it hard for us to manuver in a safe manner, as the 4 wheelers (cars) aren't about to let us over for any reason. Whether it be an emergancy vehicle (which is the law to move over), a breakdown (did you know that the wind from a semi can cause a car to fall off it's jacks?) The majority of us are just everyday people trying to get our frieght to it's delivery, so you can have those neccessities at the stores when you want them. We spend hours driving on the roads, and majority of the accidents are the fault of cars. So don't blame us, and true there are bad truck drivers out there, but there are even more inconciderate automobile drivers.  (Aug 7, 2008 | post #45)

Illegal Aliens

Obama Wants Your Children To Learn Spanish

We don't need to learn Spanish, Italian, Hindu, or any other language. We are AMERICA, our language is English. Let those who come here (I am referring to those that are legal) learn our language. If I ever moved to another country, I would expect that I would have to learn that language, and get not "special " treatment. But no, we cater to these people, cause we don't want to offend them (thus lose all those illegal votes). Well, tuff Titmouse if they are offended. THIS IS AMERICA, IT'S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.  (Jul 14, 2008 | post #2701)

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Stimulus checks boost consumer spending

Our's went to pay bills. As far as oil prices, it isn't just the oil companies, it is also the speculators in the stock market that is raising the price. We need to produce more oil at home instead of having to send it over seas for refineing. George has nothing to do with it. It's the stock holders, and speculators.  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #38)

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Michigan unemployment higher again

Because everyone didn't like Bush, they weren't about to put a republican in the Govenor's seat in Lansing at the last election. Even then Michigan was losing industry, thus the un-employment is gonna increase. Grandholm doesn't care, heck hike the taxes, we'll get the budget straight. Well we are paying for it now. Shame on those who voted with thier emotions, and not thier brains.  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #79)

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Trees down, roads blocked throughout West Michigan

Glad that I was on the East Coast I guess?! I guess that our garden has sucumbed to the deluge, and is no more.  (Jul 6, 2008 | post #3)

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Illegal Immigrants Expanding Footprint

I have no problem with immigrants coming into our country to better their lives as long as they have done it legally. I don't care how the American borders change through history, the fact is, if you want to cross them, then go through the appropriate channels. Don't sneak into our country, and then demand the rights of a legal citizen, or green-card holder. We don't owe anyone, anything. I am so tired of no one speaking English, celebrating Cinco-de-Mayo, which by the way is a celebration of a war of independence that didn't even take place in the USA. Give us back our country, and quit trying to change us into yours. If you can't learn to speak English, follow our laws, then leave.  (Jun 27, 2008 | post #101333)

WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan

Court upholds Gun Lake casino land decision

Such sterotypical statements I am reading here. Having a casino doesn't raise the crime, drug, or prostitution rates. That is all hype created by those who oppose casino's or any form a gambling. I feel safer going to casino's then I do other places. They have security, and I have never been bothered at any casino I have visited, whether is be in Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Atlantic City, and so many more. Why is everyone so afraid of this casino? True there will be more jobs created, and a better tax base, and hopefully as an Allegan county resident, it's financial help that could be used.  (Jun 21, 2008 | post #116)

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