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May 11, 2012

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Broward County, FL

Broward schools chief grades himself a 'B'

Parents WAKE UP! Think about your High school experience-- A Test you Would Study to remember "ANSWERS ". How much do you remember? I learned when and still remember -- When A teacher-parent-Etc - Paid attention and CARED about teaching me A lesson. Politics have been reduced to POLLS discovering The "HOT" issues That HAVE NO relevance on OUR personal lives and "Pushing Buttons" To get people--YOU__ To react to A Politician's SPEACH WRITER! I asked a friend, "Why did she THINK she was A Republican?" Her response was My father is. Of course she could not name ONE ISSUE?. Ask questions about WHY people feel like they do and You will be surprised of the answers! Or maybe not--Because You have forgotten TO THINK!  (Jun 8, 2012 | post #1)

Richmond, KY

Pain pills

Yes- There are pain pill problems and one of that comest mid is The DEA Agent And The Broward Cop that wanted to cash in. Before that I was able to Fill my VALID-MEDICAL Prescriptions! I agree, Follow the law AND I AND many other Patients have been good citizens! We nicely told our "friends & Family" NO' I can not give you R/X, NO! I will not sell it to you! YOU PAID $15 BUCKS!. My Chronic pain condition has finally been regulated-- After A wreck--Not my fault! And A Dealing with A chronic Problem that cause me to be in pain 24 hours--YES I can say that because I wake every 2 Hours in pain. NOW Real Dr's AGREE! After I have lived- or tried since 1995. YES, I Do have DR's records! Every type--80% that treated me HORRIBLY and asked-AND ASSUMED the ?'s You have in you mind. I NOW have A new stress I can not fill my PRESCRIPTIONS! My Dr. had to change the medication that helped me most, BECAUSE Drug addicts like them, and YOU "normal" people like to feel better! I started to get out of bed last JULY when i painted A picture. I was out of bed FOR THE FIRST TIME SICE 2004 --Every DAY and i started to feel like MAYBE-I might have A life again. See I my dream of SINGING I DID-- Never got famous, but ALOT of people had A great time and appreciated me. All I ever wanted. Never THOUGHT I could paint but purchased 3 "Motel Paintings" from A Yard Sale. I now have my own studio and GET UP! I started painting when I lost My Dog, My Grandma (MOM), Brother-(like my son), Step Sister--(KILLED HERSELF) SHe had pain--And IGNORANCE-did not allow relief from PAIN MEDICATION! My Parrot flew away and my cat was lost also. MY pain has led me to ManY thoughts of being FREE-But my life has been like 7 DIFFERENT MOVIES-- I MUST HAVE A REASON TO BE HERE! Should not be here. Politic's CAN NOT PRESCRIBE MEDICATION! ONLY Dr's AND PHARMACISTS SHOULD BE ABLE TO FILL THEM! I started with ONE YOU TUBE Video and now have 1000's of PAIN PEOPLE that Ignorance has increased the absurdity of OUR diminished lives! Michelle Certonio AKA Fibro HELL micHELLe BLOG--- [email protected] Google Fibro hell michelle for video's, art and BE BRAVE! READ comments from MANY OTHERS IN PAIN! PS AND YES! I have tried Diets, Acupuncture, Massage, EXPENSIVE BULLSHIT, Guifenensen, I WANT TO BE WELL__ I HAVE TRIED IT ALL!  (Jun 8, 2012 | post #26)

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

Was hoping "AMERICAN's would finally realize--Politicia ns use social- issues to emotionally remove logic from Voters REAL ISSUES! Ask someone why they are A Republican--or Democrat? Usually your Answer will be-- My parents were. Civil Liberties are stripped-- We are OUR own Big Brother--- Cell phone--GPS, Camera. No one wants to make any social--waves--Jus t what our Founding-Rich, White Fathers--expected. Discrimination is rampant. Lies are abundant and Honesty is too heavy. Fibro HELL micHELLe  (May 11, 2012 | post #238008)