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Dec 29, 2013

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Murray, KY

Bill Nye the godless guy

The real question is why Bill Nye is agreeing to debate creationists, giving some semblance of equivalency to fringe scientists who are grasping at straws to fit a 2000 year old square peg into the round hole of our modern understanding of the world. The scientific consensus on evolution as a fact is overwhelming. If you don't think so it's because you haven't been explained the theory properly, or refuse to reconcile it with some extreme version of the Christian Faith.  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #82)

Mayfield, KY

why do blacks people get tattoos

Why do white people wear Camo in everyday, clearly not functional situations?  (Jan 6, 2014 | post #20)

Mayfield, KY

pot smoking is stupid!

Obvious troll is obvious.  (Dec 29, 2013 | post #29)

Mayfield, KY

Mayfield Applebees

No, it is not closing. Yes, this is a stupid thread. There is already another thread discussing Mayfield Applebee's.  (Dec 29, 2013 | post #10)