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Aug 19, 2010

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Clinton, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

It is not your place to approach soeone walking down the street, especially with a gun at your side, and start questioning them. And YES, if you do YOU ARE ASKING FOR TROUBLE.  (May 20, 2012 | post #11054)

Clinton, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

Maybe someday there won't be Black - White or them and us. Maybe someday everyone will be treated as equals. Maybe someday the rich and apathetic won't object to helping the deserving poor who got that way even though they tried hard. Maybe someday everyone will have healthcare so they don't have to suffer and people will stop objecting to it. Maybe someday the rich will pay their share so the differences between people of the 2 class system (rich and poor) will be a little closer. Maybe someday people will stop trying to impose their own personal and religious beliefs on others (Amendment One - the right wing travesty). Maybe I will live long enough to see it happen, but I doubt it.  (May 20, 2012 | post #11003)

Clinton, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

I've posted here in the past.  (May 20, 2012 | post #11001)

Asheville, NC

In Search of a Asheville Lawyer

Update - directory assistance has no phone listed.  (May 7, 2011 | post #11)

Asheville, NC

In Search of a Asheville Lawyer

I need some help too. I have a friend who is terminally ill. He is now unable to communicate. I am trying to find his family using the info I know which is his cities of residence for the past several years, his adoptive father and mother's names, and his ex-wife's name. He has an an adpotive sister but I only know her first name not her married name. His mother is deceased (I think in Tryon about 6-8 years ago). His father lives with the sister in (I think) Maine but I can't find anythink on the sister or father that is current. I have done a lot of searches and have only come up with an address for his ex-wife and don't even know if it is current. The address I have is in Asheville but no phone or email is listed. It is Maureen W Leon (nee Walsh), 289 Chestnut St. Apt. 6 Asheville, NC 28801 I am getting ready to directory assistance to se if she has a phone. Anyone have any ideas? Time is critical now. Thanks for any info.  (May 7, 2011 | post #10)

Asheville, NC

Mission Hospital

I suggest you contact the hospital for a realist, serious answer. There obviously is no point in posting anything normal on this site because.....well you see what kind of stupidity you get for a response.  (Apr 24, 2011 | post #3)

Asheville, NC


Much better is the Republican solution. Run the deficit up to historic highs (Bush) then follow that up by cutting Social Security and Medicare and reducing the taxes on the wealthy (Paul Ryan). All the while pulling the wool over the eyes of the teabaggers and making them actually believe it is better that they pay off the deficit and let the rich get richer. Janie - Obama can't ruin the economy, Bush did it first. Doggy, I suggest you pipe down and go back to smoking whatever it was that made you write your comment.  (Apr 22, 2011 | post #3)

Asheville, NC

Oprah dumps Obama

Fools and their money are soon parted and you two must be VERY, VERY poor.  (Apr 8, 2011 | post #3)

Asheville, NC

Obama Plays Golf While Japan Melts Down;

None of you probably even know what the effects of a meltdown are. It isn't ice cream in your cone on a summer day. It is happening within several layers steel and concrete that are - each - many feet thick. The primnary problam is even though they are pumping sea water into containment, the recirc system is out and the heat exchangers aren't working properly. Therefore the BWRs are boiling away the intake and they must vent steam. What do you suggest Obama do - go over there with a pipe wrench and repair the cooling system. Grow up you sore losers.  (Mar 14, 2011 | post #11)

Asheville, NC

Asheville protesters support Wisconsin unions

Wonderful idea - bring back Bush. then he can privatize social security so all your future goes down the toilet and into the pockets of wall street barons. After that, he can cut your wages in half because you don't have a union. All of you people who love Bush and tea bags would deserve it.  (Feb 26, 2011 | post #9)

Clinton, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

True - Federal too  (Feb 14, 2011 | post #1403)

Clinton, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

[French crétin, from French dialectal, deformed and mentally retarded person found in certain Alpine valleys, from Vulgar Latin *christinus, Christian, human being, poor fellow, from Latin Chrstinus, Christian; see Christian.] Origin: 1770–80; < French; Franco-Provençal creitin, crestin human being, literally, Christian (hence one who is human despite deformities) A phobia is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people. The main symptom of this disorder is ... Hence - cretinophobia = an irrational, intense and persistant fear of mentally retarded, deformed human Christians who live in Alpine valleys. Hmmmmmmmm  (Feb 9, 2011 | post #1397)

Clinton, NC

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in North Carolina in 2...

Just about all the states are broke, NC included - along with almost everyone else in the country.  (Feb 9, 2011 | post #1396)

Asheville, NC

Marine and wife assualted/beaten outside a movie theater

What on earth is your problem. I'm not a Conservative, but I see nothing wrong with Yona reporting this. I don't think Yona said anything about condoning this deplorable behavior.  (Dec 29, 2010 | post #8)

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