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Oct 7, 2011

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Charlotte Court House, VA

Real estate market is chill,houseware is,too in Beijing

After an autumn rain, the air temperature declines a lot, also the estate market and [url=http://en.mak l]houseware[/url] market is chill. According to the Beijing real estate transaction management data, in the first-ten day period of September, the real estate was sold 3,906, which declines 60% compared with year 2009. And because the real estate market depression, the [url=http://en.mak l]houseware market[/url] is experiencing a depression period. Because the [url=http://en.mak l]real estate market[/url] depression, less people need to buy a lot of housewares to decorate the houses, and the turnover of the houseware market has declined. Nowadays, the houseware market is using many ways to promote the sales, such as, discounts, Some businesses also use "the meal type shopping", the purchase assigns the furniture present light casting necessary goods. And the government is trying their best to solve the real estate market depression. And i believe one day the houseware market will be well again.  (Nov 21, 2011 | post #1)


Agriculture is appealing much more capital

[url=http://en.mak ml]Agriculture[/ur l]Agriculture in Chinese is now in the key phase of turning from [url=http://en.mak ml]traditional agriculture[/url] to modern agriculture, in the next five years, it is the important period to fasten the building of modern agriculture. Last December, our country had held the central economic work conference, and the central rural work conference in succession, they not only pointed out the working focus and the development direction of agriculture this year, but also make the investors full of hopes about the related policies. The investing value to agriculture sector shows more obvious. These years, the relevant departments has introduced a series of strengthening and benefiting the agriculture policies to increase farmers' income and promote the agriculture upgrade, and also the upgrading of consumer structure leads to the rising price of agriculture product, which bring good investment opportunities to agriculture sector. The related analyst consider that the agriculture sector will present the lasting rising trends this year and become one bright spot of the capital market this year. One side, the country continues to strengthen the agriculture policy,. On the other side, the [url=http://en.mak ml]agriculture public companies[/url] present well, performance keeps increasing, the investment preference of agriculture shares gradually turns to some individual share which has performance. The agriculture investment value is very obvious. From the industry feature, though the low level corporate profitability of agriculture enterprise, it does not mean the agriculture enterprise investment value is not great. On the contrary, as the basic industry, agriculture has got policy support. So the A share market aparaisetment is not low, to some extent, this shows the approve to agriculture share value. In these years, since the increasing performance of agriculture sector in the capital market, modern agriculture, especially the agriculture High-tech industries, are becoming the investment highland. In June, the first specialized alliance for investing in modern agriculture was built in Yangling City, Shanxi Province. It's Modern Agriculture Venture Capital Union. It has immitted new energy to agriculture development. And it has presented a new state in management idea, scientific management, personnel training, scientific innovation, business mode, and so on. Zhang Weixing, the vice dean of MOST(Ministry of Science and Technology) Torch Centre, said that capital played a very important role in building high efficiency, vnmhtf, branding, channelization of agriculture development. PREIPO CAPITAL should pay more attention on the people's livelihood, and put more support on the field of biology, green agriculture, deep processing, water-saving efficient agriculture. Beijing encourage [url=http://en.mak ml]agricultural enterprise[/url] to be listed work is on the way. As the spokesman, Shen Hong, said that Beijing Agriculture Committee and Beijing Finance Bureau had made《On the encouragement of agricultural enterprise listed rewards method》 , it points out the government will give 6,000,000 RMB as rewards to the listed enterprise which related to agriculture. According to the programming, at 2015, the agriculture related public company will achieve 80, including 20 [url= url=http://en.make l]agriculture enterprises[/url] and 60 town enterprises, forming the "Distinctive characteristics, powerful supply" modern agriculture capitalized Beijing.  (Oct 21, 2011 | post #1)

Akron, OH

Do you have courage to drink "Blood bag beverage"?

Many people do not feel strange to the scene that the vampires in the western movies drinking blood. However, will you be frightened if you find one of your friends is drinking a bright red "blood"? Do not be afraid, you muse be composed, you friend may be drinking "vampire beverage". Recently, there sweeps "ferocious food" wind, such as "vampire beverage", "cerebrum mould".Many net friend boast them"so lovely", and others say that "disgusting The [b][url=http://en. shtml]beverage[/ur l][/b] is deep red liquid, the package is same as the blood bag in hospital, it's flat shape, as big as hand, and has hang hole as blood bag. On the bottleneck of the beverage, it even marks "Blood type B ". The difference with the blood bag is on the marked location there marks words "bloodenergyp o-tion" and "for [url=http://en.mak s_132011000/soft_d rink/]drinking[/ur l]". "the beverage feels like [url=http://en.mak _132011006/other_d rink/]haw juice[/url]", said Miss Wang, Hangzhou. There is no taste of blood. However, another consumer, Miss Guo did not drink, she said "It's so much the same as blood from the appearance" Do you wanna drink kind of this beverage?  (Oct 7, 2011 | post #1)