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Mar 12, 2014

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please i need family court advice in west virginia! emerg...

This is for Hancock county WV. To make a very long story short, my sister (a TN resident) who has joint custody with her daughters father (WV resident) is going through a horrible unfair court hearing. The father of the child is friends with the entire police dept. In Weirton WV and other city officials such as lawyers, CPS workers, etc. 2 weeks ago my sister got a call from the fathers step mother begging my sister to come get her child saying the father was intoxicated and on prescription pills wrecked with the child in the car. Of course she went to get her daughter. The crazy part is he denied a blood test and breathalyzer so of course his cop buddy made sure he wasnt charges and this was swept under the rug! Now my sister is in process of filing for full custody. Some other important notes against the father - last yr he held a gun to his now ex wifes 6 yr old sons head and threatened to kill him (again no criminal conviction) my sister was never even notified! They removed my niece from fathers care for 1 month. Also his neighbor who is a REGISTERED sex offender babysits the child ( 6yr old little girl). He is on a long list of prescription pills and is never sober. Today at court the judege took all of my sister's rights away from her to see the child until court in mid April but the father has daily visits. Also the judge would not let any family member of my sisters take the child..but let the fathers other baby mother have custody! The judge was so rude and ignorant to my sister and would not let her speak or object to the fathers attorneys statements (my sister did not have the money for an attorney). I need to know who I contact when your being treated unfairly in court and probably had rights violated. And please do not say the police local or state..we have tried this nobody wants involved going against this judge and with all the pull the father has in this small community everyone is against my sister and will not help  (Mar 12, 2014 | post #1)