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Mar 10, 2013

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drs being trained to push tramadol always first

Drs are egotistical maniacs who for the most part dont care if their prescriptions help you if you are in pain. they just follow their steps take tylenol or ibuprofef for the supposed pain a patient presents with. Next if you tell them youve been taking those every day for long time ans they dont help at all anymore they will say hey lets take tramadol. they dont check to see if youre on an ssri before they say that . They just want to move on to next patient because they doubt youre hurting much. i then say im on celexa and they are contraindicated. doctors incompetence shows and now they are mad your pain has made them look stupid. good luck getting them to understand that 20vicodin5/500arent going to last more than a week for incorrectly diagnosed upper right quadrant pain. its not bad every second of every day but it hurts and is very sore. i have good days and bad days. since its not really bad at appt. dr will not prescribe more than 10days worth. ive had hida xrays ultrasound ct and nothing stands out except for fatty liver with an alt score of 85 slightly elevated. Everything else with liver levels were good. I dont drink more than 2 times a month now my pain attacks have been happening for 8years now. i thought they were gall bladder attacks for long time. they used to go away after a half hour and id be fine. Now they come on bad and i hurt and am very sore for daya. been to hospital glfor attacks three times now. they want my primary care dr. To manage pain but she has sent me to surgeon and then a hepatoligist dr. Who was truly a piece of crap. My attacks dont always correlate to happening after meals only so they dont think thats whats causing all of the pain. been dealing with thos for a year and a half now im 34now and my dad had his gall bladder removed when he was 37. he had the same attacks i have now but in 1990they removed his really quick because of pain. since my tests and scans dont show any stones they wont operate. just following the drs. Bs. And nithing has been done. im seeing my primary soon and am gonna demand help with pain until a referral for upper and possiblylower gi can be performed. im so sick of this.  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #1)