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Dec 26, 2007


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Illegal Immigration

What Caused Illegal Immigration Of Women And Children To ...

This proves that enforcement works… plain and simple.  (Sunday Apr 16 | post #4)

Illegal Immigration

New ID Cards Issued To Illegal Aliens So They Can Collect...

So where are the Feds already? We have city officials blatantly refusing to enforce the laws they took an oath to uphold. So now not only are they harboring and aiding and abetting illegals, they are protecting their immigration status in order for them to collect more taxpayer benefits. There simply has to be an aggressive response or action by the Feds to show these officials they mean business. This has been allowed to go on for too long and is getting more ridiculous by the day!  (Sunday Apr 2 | post #3)

Illegal Immigration

Mexican government helping illegal alien, welfare cheat, ...

Perfect example why the 14th amendment should be repealed. It is the loophole illegals have used to tap into taxpayers benefits and remain in the country. Birthright citizenship is a major lure to illegal immigration. All of the border security and enforcement in the world will be irrelevant without first addressing and fixing the problem of allowing illegals to exploit and abuse our 14th amendment. It is a disgrace for our country to allow parents to hide behind children and use them as pawns to get what they want!  (Sunday Mar 26 | post #10)

Illegal Immigration

A simple and fair solution for illegal immigration

Same old story! We've been there done that already and it led to the hot mess we have today. Immigration law should be enforced as other laws are. The last amnesty legislation was back in 1986 under Regan. It was suppose to legalize three million people, yet when they started coming out of the woodwork lying and using fraudulent documents, it ended up legalizing millions more than intended. This time will be no different. Illegals will always game the system and take advantage of our good will. We were also promised the border would be secured and it never happened. We learned from the 1986 mistake that if you reward bad behavior, you'll get more of it! The only people who think the law is unfair are those in violation of it and self serving politicians who've hijacked the issue to advance personal political agendas. The only way a law can be fair and effective is to enforce it without allowing exceptions or excuses. We have traffic laws, but if we let everyone who is caught speeding off the hook, because they have a good enough excuse, then that law would be totally ineffective. You can believe… everyone will have a good excuse! Laws can only work if they are enforced…period.  (Mar 15, 2017 | post #3)

Illegal Immigration

US public schools take steps to protect undocumented stud...

This is the consequence of refusing to enforce our laws for so long. 500 thousand illegal students in Chicago's schools alone. What a hot mess we now have on our hands! It seems there are those who are hell bent and determined to bankrupt this country to protect hordes of illegals and their offspring.  (Feb 24, 2017 | post #2)

Illegal Immigration

Businesses nationwide participate in a Day Without Immigr...

How bout we do a day without giving illegal immigrants free housing, food and health care and see which works out the best for us?  (Feb 16, 2017 | post #2)

Illegal Immigration

Judge's decision to help illegal immigrant...

An American citizen who was charged for fraud and stealing someone's social security number would not be given the same leniency this illegal woman was given. I am so sick of illegals and their enablers using children as pawns to get what they want. American citizens have children and are incarcerated every single day for their crimes. Where is the outrage for their families being torn apart? I have yet to see one person stand up for citizens and declare they not be punished simply because they have children! It seems like we have an obvious double standard and illegals are getting special treatment over our own citizens.  (Feb 16, 2017 | post #4)

Illegal Immigration

Chuck Schumer demands ICE show him what arrested 'law-abi...

Law abiding illegal immigrants? Now that's akin to saying a "law abiding bank robber!"  (Feb 15, 2017 | post #9)

Illegal Immigration

Protests erupt outside Phoenix ICE office after arrest of...

This woman knew she was here illegally, but she made the choice to have not one, but two children here. She knew, especially while breaking more laws using fraudulent documents, there was a chance she could get deported and thus separated from her children. She took that risk. Being in the country illegally was complicated enough, but she compounded it when she decided to bring two children into her uncertain future. Now this woman and her kids blame everyone else for the hot mess they are in. We've allowed people, such as this woman, to come here illegally and have children to use as pawns to tap into taxpayer benefits. They get free housing, cash assistance, food, education and health care. Now when we try to deport them, they will fight to stay, because they don't want to give up the easy lifestyle we've provided them. They are here in violation of our laws, yet have the audacity to complain about the inconvenience when they are caught. Their supporters, along with the liberal media, will tell stories of individual tragedies in an attempt to garner sympathy and pull on our heartstrings. We have to keep in mind that massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration has downgraded the quality of life for all Americans. We have no choice but to restore the rule of law.  (Feb 10, 2017 | post #8)

Illegal Immigration

Protests erupt outside Phoenix ICE office after arrest of...

It's obvious that illegals have been spoiled and coddled by our government for too long. Now we have a president who promised to enforce the rule of law and that 's exactly what he will do. This illegal momma thought popping out two jackpot babies on American soil would save her from deportation and give her justification to remain in the country. She is to blame for tearing her family apart. Her kids are in this predicament because of the decision she made to break the law. No justice system should allow parents to hide behind their children. I think illegals are about to find out it's game over for them here!  (Feb 9, 2017 | post #6)

Illegal Immigration

LA County Considers $1 Million in Taxpayer Funds to Help ...

LA County is not just trying to protect illegal immigrants, they are trying to protect criminal illegals as well. I wonder how many legal taxpayers in the county have family members incarcerated? I wonder why they don't stand up to the officials and ask why their loved one's are being punished for their crimes, yet they are going to this extreme to protect non citizens? Any taxpayer dollars used to benefit illegal immigrants means less money and resources going to citizens and their children. LA County is being insensitive to their citizens by taking their money and using it to protect illegal immigrants. They should stand up to these arrogant, self serving officials and demand they put a stop to this unfairness!  (Dec 18, 2016 | post #6)

Illegal Immigration

GOP again eyes sanctuary cities ban due to political tide

How can any policy to end illegal immigration not target latinos? The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are Latino, so it's just common sense. If you're here legally you have nothing to worry about. Liberals want to make these false claims simply because they are not interested in stopping illegal immigration. It's true that some legal immigrants will be inconvenienced, but I think most understand there's no other way around it. If a bank robber was described as a white man who left the scene in an older model blue Ford pickup truck, then the authorities are going to target every white man they see driving the same type of vehicle. Everyone fitting that description will be targeted. How else will they find the suspect? They don't know one white man driving an older model blue Ford pickup truck from another! If you're pulled over and you didn't rob a bank, nothing to fear, right? We simply can't stop enforcing our laws for fear of inconveniencing or offending someone.  (Dec 18, 2016 | post #3)

Illegal Immigration

Letter: Illegal immigration

To insinuate that we should give illegals the ultimate prize of citizenship just because we've already been rewarding them is ridiculous. Any action of of granting more rewards and benefits for breaking our laws will only encourage more illegal immigration in the future. It's time to turn the tide and enforce our laws to the fullest extent on the illegals already here now. We should send the message loud and clear that we will not tolerate existing illegal immigration or any future illegal immigration. Yes, illegals and their supporters will be highly upset, but the only fair way of dealing with the issue is to allow the rule of law be the guide. Laws only worked when they are enforced and the rule of law cannot be based on compassion or emotional arguments. It's time we take the welcome mat up and make it extremely uncomfortable for illegals to stay here. If they know we are serious about enforcement, many will pack up and leave on their own. Those who choose to stay here and wait it out will just have to learn the hard way Illegals have been insensitive to Americans by coming here and putting financial strain on us all. They've created total chaos and disharmony in our country with their demands. We should no longer be forced by our government to foot the bill for the American dream to hordes of illegals and their offspring.  (Dec 13, 2016 | post #6)

Illegal Immigration

Undocumented immigrants urged to be patient

It is beyond any common sense reasoning as to why these supporters and enablers would be giving advice to illegals on how to further skirt around our laws. To go as far as to advise illegals with criminal records to not risk leaving and to remain in the country is simply mind boggling. If this isn't a perfect example of aiding and abetting illegal aliens and even criminal aliens at that, then I don't know what is. It just shows how comfortable illegals and their enablers have become as a result of not enforcing our immigration laws for so long. Restoring the rule of law and throwing illegals and anyone who aids and abets them in jail will bring a sudden halt to this ridiculousness and madness! To illegal aliens in the country: please take the advice of your enablers and do not leave the country…we want you to stay put. This way we can find you more easily when we get ready to deport you. To all DACA recipients: thank you for being stupid enough to come forward and submit your personal information. It will make it easier to locate and deport you. Too bad you were foolish enough to think Obama actually cared about you. He only did it to win the legal Hispanic vote to get himself reelected. Now look at the hot mess he left you in! To illegal alien parents with U.S. citizen children: you knew when you came here and decided to reproduce with reckless abandon, there could be a chance you would be deported and separated from your children. You are the only one's responsible for tearing your own families apart. Your days of hiding behind your children and using them as pawns to justify remaining in the country are coming to a halt soon. All good things must come to an end! Your free ride here is over. We the American people have spoken and we demand the rule of law be enforced to the fullest extent. We are fed up!  (Dec 13, 2016 | post #2)

Illegal Immigration

Judge Napolitano Are immigrant-friendly 'Sanctuary Cities...

Illegal immigrants should be deported regardless of having citizen children here. They've come here, reproduced with wreckless abandon, then expecting us to subsidize every one of them. They've been highly insensitive to the strain and financial burden they've put on the American taxpayers, so why should we be sensitive to their plight now? We've had to sacrifice and watch resources dry up to support hordes of illegals and their offspring. It's beyond ridiculous! If we keep rewarding those who come here and have babies, then we can be assured they will continue doing it. Immigration should be based entirely on the rule of law and enforcement. Emotional arguments and compassionate considerations cannot overrule the law or else everyone would have a sob story and an excuse to justify remaining in the country. We don't want to split up families, so they are free to leave and take their jackpot babies with them. We don't want them either and we can't afford them. Making exceptions and sparing certain illlegals from deportation due to special circumstances, like having citizen children, is unfair to those who have no children to hide behind. When they realize they can't game the system anymore, our illegal immigration problem will come to a sudden halt.  (Dec 8, 2016 | post #1)

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