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Dec 26, 2007


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Illegal Immigration

Undocumented Family Alleges Sex Assault in Santee Shelter

These people have been coached well. Claiming that she and her children are fleeing violence, then making an accusation of sexual assault on her daughter is a tactic this illegal mother used to seal the deal once they got here. I noticed she mentioned she just wanted to be reunited with her husband and son in the U.S. Seems as though she was careful to cover all her bases for meeting the necessary criteria to remain in the country.  (Aug 3, 2014 | post #2)

Illegal Immigration

House moves to halt illegal immigration by deploying U.S....

Ronnie, do you remember when Obama was running for President and he vowed to "fundamentall y change America?" Well that's exactly what he's doing! It's all about the numbers, that's all that matters to politicians. In order to promote his socialist agenda, Obama has to radically change and alter the demographics of the entire country. The President and his party have identified the massive illegal population as a means of expanding their voting block by millions. This of course will completely dismantle the Republican party, enabling Democrats to remain in power for decades to come or possibly indefinitely. The U.S. will resort to a one party system of government, not if this happens, but when this happens. It has been in the making from day one of Obama's Presidency. He will exercise even more executive power to bring his agenda to fruition before he leaves office. The Democrats will treat their new Hispanic voting block pretty much the same as they have their African American voting block. They will create another poor, non educated and dependent subclass population who will breed with reckless abandon to assure there will be no shortage of future Democrats to come!  (Jul 27, 2014 | post #6)

Illegal Immigration

State-by-State Map: Where Migrant Children Are Placed

Many of these children are being delivered and handed over to the illegal parents inside the U.S., who played an active role in orchestrating this invasion. From what I hear, the Feds are not bothering to inquire about the parents status or hold them responsible for putting their children in harms way. If a U.S. citizen parent sent their 5 year old child to the corner store alone or with a person that could possibly harm them, they'd be charged with child endangerment and thrown in jail! It should be obvious to everyone now that illegals are not held accountable by the same set of rules and laws as American citizens. They are coddled and protected by our own elected officials who are more than happy to assist them in their criminal endeavors. It's the same as if the Feds drove the get-a-way car for the bank robber! They are actually facilitating these illegal and criminal acts. They are allowing children to be exploited and use as pawns. They are as much to blame as the parents for endangering these children!  (Jul 27, 2014 | post #2)

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigrant Children Fail to Show at Immigration He...

What a shock, I bet nobody could see this coming! Hell, laws don't mean a thing to these folks and they know we're not going to look for them if they don't show up. The President has all but put a Walmart Greeter on the damn border to welcome them in!  (Jul 27, 2014 | post #8)

Illegal Immigration

Border Children: 'They Don't Speak English, But They Unde...

There are also millions of American kids living in extreme poverty and starving everyday. Do you hate American kids? Do you think it's fair to deny our own children any chance of a decent quality of life in order to help children from other countries? Would you leave your own children at home hungry and go next door and feed your neighbor's children? That's basically what we're doing. Nobody wants to see children suffer, but at some point common sense has to be a part of this debate. We've already imported more poverty than we can sustain. In the end, what good have we accomplished if our own suffer and we don't have resources to take care of anyone anymore? What happens when we become a third world cesspool, the same as from whence these people came? Who will help us then? Where will we run to survive?  (Jul 19, 2014 | post #55)

Illegal Immigration

Border Children: 'They Don't Speak English, But They Unde...

They don't speak English, but they understand hate? Good, that means they've got the message loud and clear! We don't want them here, nor can we afford to foot the bill to take care of them. We're on overload as it is having to take care of the hordes of illegals already here. Load them up and haul them back from whence they came!  (Jul 19, 2014 | post #54)

Illegal Immigration

Report: Feds to Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immig...

So they refuse to seal the border, yet bring in the forces to go after citizens who are sick and tired of their imcompentence, which led to this hot mess in the first place! It gets more ridiculous by the day, but the Feds rather jump all over citizens rather than stop the invasion.  (Jul 7, 2014 | post #6)

Illegal Immigration

Immigrants speak out

Already whining and complaining about the food she was given and the way she was treated. This coming from the mouth of someone who claims she had nothing in her homeland. My, how grateful these invaders are, huh? She says she's coming here for an easy life as her friends have done: translation.., free housing, medical care, food stamps and education. It won't take her long to swell up and start popping out babies on U.S. soil. She's been schooled by those who've come before her and she'll know exactly what she has to do to game the system. We can rest assure, she will tap into every single taxpayer financed service and resource she can get her greedy hands on!  (Jul 1, 2014 | post #66)

Illegal Immigration

Pelosi calls surge of illegal immigrant children an 'oppo...

Pelosi has got to be the most arrogant, stupid ass woman on the entire planet! The damn roof is leaking and she's thankful it's raining! I honestly believe she is so open minded, her brains have fallen out!  (Jul 1, 2014 | post #3)

Illegal Immigration

Democrat states crying over flood of illegal immigrant ch...

Nothing like hitting folks in their pockets to wake them every time! Now let's see how many run out to vote them right back in! LOL!  (Jul 1, 2014 | post #6)

Illegal Immigration

Illegal alien molested 8-year-old girl in front of her si...

Yes, this child will suffer as well in the name of power hungry, greedy politicians who are refusing to enforce our laws to advance their own political careers!  (Jun 15, 2014 | post #8)

Illegal Immigration

Mary Sanchez: Humanitarian crisis at border defies right'...

Mary Sanchez is an idiot! Her advocacy on behalf of illegals flocking over here is an display of her total disrespect for the rule of law...the same as those she's defending. If she's so concerned over the young children being sent here, why doesn't she blame the irresponsible parents who put them in harm's way? I'm sick of hearing how dedicated these leeches are to their children! How many parents would put their children in the hands of drug cartels to be raped and abused? Truth is, they're doing it for their own greed. They know all too well if those children can get here they can tap into more taxpayer financed free $tuff! Good parents my ass...what a load of horse manure! If U.S. citizens endangered the lives of their children in this manner, they'd be hunted down like dogs and thrown in prison! I'm so sick and damn tired of these double standards and our government coddling illegal lawbreakers just to score political points! I thought the situation was bad before, but this is totally unacceptable! The American people have to take action and demand our elected officials put an end to this madness now!  (Jun 15, 2014 | post #3)

Illegal Immigration

Catholic Charities Flooded with Young Illegal Immigrants

It's convenient to hide behind religion as a means of justifying this recent invasion children, adults and pregnant women pouring into our country, but at some point we have to use some plain common sense too. We have to acknowledge the reality of the world we're living in today, With a sluggish economy and limited resources, we are struggling to provide for our own citizens. In a perfect world, it would be nice if we could take care of all the poor and impoverished on the planet, but it's quite simply not possible. I don't think God would expect us to neglect our own to provide for others, yet that's exactly what we're doing. If someone leaves their own children at home without food to go next door and feed the neighbor's children, I think it would be equally as wrong in God's eyes! It's senseless and defies all logic. The money and resources being poured into this crisis means more being taken away from our own citizens in need. We will pay the price of this charity in higher taxes and more staggering debt. This recent invasion is a well orchestrated plan to overload the system in sheer numbers alone, which has worked out quite well for the previous invaders. This crisis is a direct consequence of refusing to enforce our immigration laws. The violence and corruption in these third world countries hasn't just started either, as we're led to believe. It's being used though as a talking point by politicians to create a diversion from their failure to do their jobs of securing our border and enforcing our laws. It's all smoke screens and mirrors! It will be quite interesting to see how long people will sit back and watch their quality of life all but diminish, as our elected officials and illegal supporters fall all over themselves to accommodate the masses at our expense! If this doesn't prompt a citizen uprising, then I don't know what will!  (Jun 15, 2014 | post #1)

Illegal Immigration

The New Dumping Grounds - The administration quietly redi...

Load em all up and dump em out at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!  (Jun 12, 2014 | post #2)

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigrant kids complicate GOP reform

Actually, this crisis should provide Republicans a platform to make their case to the American people why we should not grant another amnesty! They should not be foolish enough to pass up this opportunity to open the eyes of Americans and demonstrate this is what happens when we refuse to enforce our laws! Reward people who come here illegally and millions more will come! Lax enforcement and talks of amnesty is the driving force behind this most recent influx. Will immigration reform solve this problem? Of course not, it will only get worse! I hope the Republicans play their cards right on this one.  (Jun 11, 2014 | post #4)

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