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Jan 7, 2007

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i have extremely severe eczema EVERYWHERE

It may be easy for some to buy online, but not for all. Teenagers do not have credit cards and their only place they can either buy their creams are through their local pharmacists or ask their parents to get it for them. Cortisone creams are not good in the long run because they contain steroids which could cause thinning of the skin cells. (6 years of eczema made me read a lot and consult lots of medical practitioners). I was given Elomet Cream (Mometasone Furoate) which is kinder to the skin then cortisone creams, but again, its a temporary remedy. Don't get me wrong, but has anyone realized how expensive these creams are? I mean why do they have to put such a high price for these items? For that price, I'd expect a tub.  (Jan 7, 2007 | post #5)


Eczema Treatment

I haven't really tried the salts yet, but it does makes some sense. Our skin is dried and broken because of the eczema and the salt treats it, kinda like rubbing salt on mouth ulcers. It does sting, but it heals it eventually. The same effect could probably be get when swimming in the sea I'm hoping to drop by to the nearest pharmacist tomorrow to get myself some of the bathing salts. But I guess it is a temporary cure. I've always been told that the best cure for eczema is prevention, ie finding out what you are allergic to and avoid it.  (Jan 7, 2007 | post #7)


Another Eczema story

Hello all. I am glad I discovered this forum. I'd like to share my story. I'm 34 years old and had eczema since 2000. It could be genetic because I used to remember my late father had scales on his leg. Anyhow I've read somewhere that some people had their eczema triggered late in their life. Anyway I used to study in the United Kingdom and would always get red spots on my body when I go to sleep. No doubt that it's from bed bugs. The weather there is so cold and most of their mattresses are never washed or dried up. As time went by, I started getting red hives on my elbow joints. I was officially diagnosed with eczema in 2002. Going back to the present, it's been ages since I ate seafood. I've been to countless appointments to a dermatologist and have yet to have a patch test. I've got tubs of aqueous cream in the bedroom, including a few steroid creams, and various other moisturisers, and not to mention aloe vera gel, which does make a difference most of the time. I haven't had good sleep in the past two weeks due to waking up with itches on my back. I figured it's probably because when we sleep, we lay on our back and it get hot the most. I try to sleep with my face faced down but it's hard to breathe. Im still trying to figure out how to properly sleep. Infact I'm trying to sleep on my side, which is slightly successful. Having eczema, we can also be more prone to bed bugs then others. I hope by joining this forum, it'll help me understand my problems more and maybe at the same time, help those who has the same problems as I do.  (Jan 7, 2007 | post #1)