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Jul 6, 2009

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Niota, TN

Is Niota the next Calhoun?

No I haven't talked to any of the police officers about this yet. That is why I said that it was rumor. As far as the signs go it was stated in the city meeting that it was discussed between the mayor and the chief of police. The rest of the statement about the signs are my own opinion about people that are going to break the law will break it no matter how many signs are placed. If they are going to run a stop sign they are going to run it regardless.  (Jul 8, 2009 | post #3)

Niota, TN

Is Niota the next Calhoun?

Keep the discussion clean but I would like to get the opinion of the people of Niota. Do you think Niota is currently headed in the right direction? My own opinion is that currently they are not and I base this on several things. First would be the signs. Yes I know that it is a dead horse but it should have been discussed by the rest of the council. That is the purpose of having the council. This creates the checks and balances that our government is supposed to be created to accomplish. The second thing about the signs are that they do not make sense. Why would you place a sign about stopping underneath a Stop sign? People know what a stop is and why it is in place. If they are going to do a "rolling stop" they will do it no matter how many other signs you place in the area. The next thing is the police force itself. This is all rumor based but if it is true it is sad and the officer should be placed into early retirement from the ranks of Niota's finest. I heard that there was an arrest made of a 65 year old woman and she was taken to jail because she was carrying her daily prescription medication in a ziploc bag inside her purse. As I stated earlier if this is true it is sad. With the above statements written I say that YES, Niota is becoming the next Calhoun.  (Jul 7, 2009 | post #1)

Niota, TN

Changes for Niota

Niota was a very good town. It has changed in the last several years and these changes have not been for the good of the town. Some of these you can tie to the different politicians down through the years and others on the citizens itself. If you want to make a change then start with your own property. Take pride in your community and clean the area up and keep it clean. Now to the politics. I do not know any of the current commissioners other than by name so I will not make a comment or pass judgment. However it would seem that having two commissioners that are related would not be in the best interest for the city. If you were looking for a good change then I would start with this one. My opinion only.  (Jul 6, 2009 | post #9)