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Sep 17, 2010

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Science / Technology

What? No solar?

Everone is off topic!, No one really knows was is going to happen, but I'm not saying that nothing will happen, I'm just saying think more positive and you might change things. P.s. LEE- King of Sorrow  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #26)

Science / Technology

Atom chip circuits slated to shrink to 15 nanometers

Well, I guss I'm first. Hello there, and welcome to the age of nano-bot technology. were right on time.  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #1)


Say Something Nice.

Im glad today because, I can speak my mind freely  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #812)

Barack Obama

BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's c...

Let tell you guys something, we are called "hybreads " and thats is why, we do what we do, because we can. But, WhAt! Obama is from Hawaii? And hes half white? hun? let me see, I all this is a good thing if you ask me, and Don't sweat the small Sh!t. P.s. what the hell did i do with that got dame lighter? http://sonicthegir  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #154363)

Man grew cannabis to treat a bad back

Dame" thats not good?, What do you mean when you said "suspended-pr ison-sentence. " Suspended, I would likely think that Suspended means, something thrown away or stoped right away? In a way it kind of sounds like your trying to say? he went to court and they threw away his jail sentance Or mabe they did'nt? I don't know but,It sound like something very good too me. PEACE LOVE AND NACHOS My Rate R Site http://sonicthegir  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #1)

Marijuana - Topix

"Weed is the best", but you know what would happen if they legaliz it, hun? well I'll tell you, People every were would start growing it in there house, backyards,frontyar ds, sideyards...ect. It would be a mad house, The most trouble you would have searching for some would would most likely, only be , the guy naxt door, or even your land lord. This is why we say yes to the legalizing of Weed, were just afraid to say no? Rated R -MySite- http://sonicthegir  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #835)

Ebony, VA

Marijuana - Ebony, VA

I say yes becuase, I'm afraid to say Now.  (Sep 17, 2010 | post #1)