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Mar 11, 2012

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Coalition Against Keystone XL Pipeline to Sponsor Visual ...

Coalition to Sponsor Art Contest Deadline for Submission: May 19, 2012 The Coalition against Keystone XL Pipeline has announced a visual art contest with cash prizes totally $350.00. Submissions will include 2 and 3 dimensional art including, but not limited to, photographs, cartoons, quilts, paintings and sculptures. The purpose of the art contest is to draw attention to the harmful effects of the Keystone XL pipeline. Construction of the pipeline is scheduled to begin in Oklahoma and Texas on or about June 1. Deadline for submission of entries is 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, 2012. Grand prize: $200.00 2nd Place: $100.00 3rd Place: $50.00 The maximum allowable dementions are 48″ by 4″ by 33″. Sculptures can not exceed 4 cubic feet. Maximum allowable weight is 25 pounds. Entries will be accepted by email, by mail and by delivery to Oklahoma City. There is no fee for entering the contest. However, if a contestant wishes to enter more than once, there is a $10 fee for every entry after the first. Anyone over the age of 18 can enter. There is no residency requirement. Thirty images will be selected for exhibition. TransCanada is a Canadian company using imminent domain to force people in six states to give up their land so they can build the Keystone XL pipeline. They have already cut deals to sell the oil to China, Europe and South America once it reaches the refineries on the Gulf. The Coalition avers that if TransCanada gets by with this, it will set a precedent. Any foreign corporation will be able to waltz in here and bully us around, forcibly taking our land for their businesses. Attorney James Harris, Oklahoma City, stated: “Capital’s loyalties are not determined by association with nations or states. In an economic and legal environment in which governments are coming to lack effective tools to regulate transnational business entities, those entities might well become our new form of government.” Pricey Harrison wrote in the Charlotte Observer: The safety record for TransCanada, the oil giant pushing Keystone XL, is full of glaring problems. In June of 2010, the company started operating the Keystone 1 pipeline. One year later, it had spilled 14 times, including a rupture in North Dakota that oozed out 21,000 gallons of sticky crude. That same year, an Enbridge tar sands pipeline in Michigan burst apart, spewing more than a million gallons of toxic crude into the Kalamazoo River, costing millions of dollars to clean up and poisoning more than 40 miles of downstream waters. TransCanada is already beginning to send trucks toward Oklahoma weighing over 200,000 pounds. Citizens are very concerned about what these trucks will do to our roads and bridges. Five members of the Lakota tribe, including a grandmother, have been arrested for trying to block the trucks from crossing their tribal lands in order to avoid weigh stations. This will increase the damage done to our country roads and bridges. The counties the Keystone XL pipeline will cross in Oklahoma include Lincoln, Seminole, Coal, Atoka, Bryan, Hughes, Okfuskee and Creek. For contest rules and an entry form, contact Fannie Bates, MPH at [email protected] .com. Read more about TransCanada’s safety record here: http://www.charlot 2/03/04/3066455/sh ould-keystone-xl-p ipeline-be.html#st orylink=cpy Contact: Fannie Bates, MPH P. O. Box 1421, Oklahoma City, OK 73101 [email protected] .com Fannie Bates grew up in Latimer County and has also lived in Pontotoc County. She received her MPH degree from OUHSC and currently resides in Oklahoma City.  (Mar 11, 2012 | post #1)