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Jul 5, 2008

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North Liberty, IA

Six from area among Democratic delegates

Mahalo (thank you) for this article. I worked very hard to become a "National Delegate At Large." I worked along side Dean Fluker and Dick Myers during the Iowa Caucus and many other events after. With there help and tutorledge I succeeded. There patience and persevereance, I learned the most important lessons about, the human rights of others. Helping others less fortunate than ones-self, and to educate others of the issues we all face in our daily lives. And with unwavering support of a man such as Barack Obama, is the beginning of "Change" and a better "Quality " of life. So after many hours of work since the Iowa Caucus, and helping others in 9 counties during the floods with sandbagging and relocating others, I can say, I am a "National Delegate At Large" in support of Barack Obama.  (Jul 5, 2008 | post #1)

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Honolulu, Hawai'i


Now living in North Liberty

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I am the Chair and Founding Member of Economics and Human Rights of All Peoples

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Since I am now "National Delegate At Large" in the Democratic Party, I will support Barack Obama with compassion and the "Aloha Spirit" in all I do. I believe we as individual's has or will need assistance from others as we require housing, better healthcare, accomidations for our seniors, better education, help for our farmers, help for our veterans' and their families and more. I would and will represent all Iowans and my fellow sisters and brothers in Hawai'i at the Denver Convention in Denver, Colorado in August. One voice Can move mountains, and as "National Delegate At Large" I intend to bring the issues of our nation to the forefront.