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Oct 15, 2011

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Updated . New and Fresh Ccv2,Ccv2 pass VBV, Fullz all cou...

Updated . New and Fresh Ccv2,Ccv2 pass VBV, Fullz all countries and Dumps, LCM Portable PROMAG... Usa Visa 2$ Usa Master 3$ Usa Amex Or Disco 5$ Uk Visa 3$ Uk Master 4$ Uk Disco 6 Au Visa 3$ Au Master 5$ Au Disco 7$ Ca Visa / Master 5$ Ca Disco 7$ Fr Visa 5$ Fr Master 6$ Fr Disco 8$ It Visa 4$ It Master 5$ Germany Visa 4$ Germany Master 6$ Blank Cards with logo for $35. Ready Cards with written info for $150 (Visa,MC) and $170 (Amex) No Free Ccv, No test Ccv Minimum to buy for test is per 3 only Dont Pm if you not ready to Buy.... Service On Dumps..I only sell fresh and valid dumps. US Classic dumps 40$ Us Standard Dumps $40 US Gold dumps 60 Us Platinum dumps $50 US Corp dumps /Sig dumps $80 US Amex dumps $50 EU Classic/Standard =$90 EU Gold/ Platinum =$100/$120 EU Corp/Business =$140 EU Infinite =$220 EU Classic/Standard =$80 EU Gold/ Platinum =$100/$110 EU Corp/Business =$120 EU Infinite =$180 UK Classic/Standard =$50 UK Gold/ Platinum =$60/$70 UK Corp/Business =$90 I do shipment of any Electronic or Any other Online Iterm..I do bank to bank transfer,WU transfer Available, WU wubug with Activation code available, I write Checks, I do credit/Debt Card Transfer,ATM+pin Available. Asia Classic = 50$ Asia MC Standard = 60$ Asia Gold = 120$ Asia Platinum/Business/ Corporate = 150$ Dumps are sent to you within 6 hours after full payment for the order. Prices and types of ATM i have now forsale Atm Skimmer Wincor Nixdorf = 3000$ Atm Skimmer Wincor = 3000$ Atm Skimmer Slimm = 3000$ Atm Skimmer Slim = 3000$ Atm Skimmer NCR = 3000$ Atm Skimmer Diebold Opteva = 2500$ Atm Skimmer Diebold = 2000$ Atm Skimmer Universal = 4000$ Atm Skimmer Small = 2500$ MRS.......... 1200$ MSR-206-3HL MSR 250 Uniform MSR 206 LCM Portable PROMAG Terms and Condition of my service.. Pm me only when Ready to buy No much Talk. No Time Wasting.. All goods are checked and given 99 Approved only. No consultations and advices how where and what for it's possible to take advantage of the given goods, I am only the supplier. No gifts, "just as test" etc. A work through the escrow service of famous carders forums at your expense is possible. You need money to order that being obvious I don't work for free. I also need people who want to help sell.. If you don't agree with my rules, please DO NOT even bother contacting me..Thanks and Good Luck Contact Details E-mail: [email protected] Icq: 628827448 Stay Bless  (Oct 15, 2011 | post #1)