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Feb 25, 2010

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Resist or Die


Nomadic USA


Backwoods BackAlleys Backstage

I Belong To:

The Darkside. Come, come and join us...We have cookies;)

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm Corrupting Your Children-With The Truth.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Or don't...whatever...

I'm Listening To:

Derrick Jensen

Read This Book:

The Name of the Rose- Umberto Eco

Favorite Things:

Apples,Corsets,Babies,Phi,Bondage,Cooking,Sex,Eyeliner,and Glitter- everything is better with glitter.

On My Mind:

Loyalty,Duty,Respect,Selfless Service,Honor,Integrity,Personal Courage,Sedition,Accountability,Direct Action...Glitter.

I Believe In:

I believe all things some of the time, and some things all of the time..... And in time only occasionally.