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Sep 3, 2013

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Dont do it!!!!!

Well guys if u know a Whitney tabor then u know she is a lying bitch. I would never never and I mean never will babysit for that girl again. First off no one please don't let her talk u into babysitting cause she won't do u right. First off she doesn't bring milk or juice for her 2 year old daughter, she won't bring u stuff for her six month old teething or a fever.. I had them two weeks ago and I kept both of them over night which was supposed to be 30 and 20 for the next day that didn't include me having to treat my head my house and my dogs for LICE... I am so discussed that I could cry... she thinks dogs can't get LICE and that her daughter had fleas well no she didn't cause I treated her head and I'm not blind. She should have paid me 120 but no she got scared and took only 20 bucks to her mom cause she knows I'm going to beat that ass. And also it's so funny cause she works for hilltoppers and its right by my house. Just wanted to let everyone know she is a lying bitch and depends on other ppl to take care of her kids... grow up and make it Mexican take care of his son...  (Sep 3, 2013 | post #1)