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Sep 3, 2013

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Baku plans to seize South Azerbaijan

It is not a mere chance that autocratic Baku regime of President I. Aliyev becomes a key US ally in the region. The matter is that current Azerbaijan's authorities plan to use such powerful allies as Americans and Israelis for solving own problems. For example, there is no secret that President Aliyev considers that the change of Iran's president can become a very handy way for seizing so-called Iran's Azerbaijan, which has always been real property of Azeri people according to Baku's opinion. Surely, Alyev's plans are actively supported by Israel, which has become a major arms supplier to Azerbaijan ( ws/Special/Israel- eyes-Azerbaijan-fo r-raid-on-Iran/ ) now. But certainly neither Israel nor Azerbaijan is going to openly discuss such military operations. Most likely soon disorders similar to Turkish ones will be organized by ethnical Azerbaijanians at the north of Iran. And as usual they will be employed as the excuse for bringing Azeri troops there...  (Sep 3, 2013 | post #1)