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Sep 2, 2009


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Beach Bunny <3

Local Favorites:

going to the beach, surfing, bar hopping, eating french fries from Frys restaurant! partying, friday night football games @ NHHS.

I Belong To:

The World & My Mind

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm doing better things.... WAY better things....

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Its just so awesome

I'm Listening To:

Everything Good

Read This Book:

Cane River << its great :)

Favorite Things:

I NEED a White 66 Mustang!!!!!!!!!! Dear whoever it is that gives gifts to only slightly deserving people - help!

On My Mind:

life, clothes, friends, fun, guys, candy, shopping,...stuff. Driving a white mustang!!! Star Wars and being boring.

I Believe In:

Having a heart & a good, pure, soul. Taking life one day at a time, but realizing the importance of the future and the past. Loving people. Happiness. Men... on account of they're funny... :D