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Sep 21, 2012

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Madisonville, KY

Levi Alfred

one im a girl and DONT LIKE OTHER GIRLS and 2 ur right on one part....GIRLS at 12 13 and 14 are trying to act way to grown up for there age and need to keep there legs clothesd i have 2 daughters and i dare my daughter to come to me at 18 like i was and say mom im pregent! or younger cause id kill her...and one more thing for levis age thats really fucking gross of him to wanna even fuck a girl that age (if he didnt rape her) due to the fact thats like havein sex with a child!  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #29)

Madisonville, KY

Levi Alfred

well heres the thing i went to school with levi he is a peice of sh*t scum! he should be takein out back to a barn tied up and beat half to death! i do no that hes hit girls hes hit a friend of mine with me in the other room...he is also friend with rj irvin who is a lousy peice of sh*t.i went to school with both of them not saying that his ex wife is a great person but atleast she takes care of her kids not runs off and gets drunk at bullies every single night with a fat blonde tr*p names courtny smith. and levi tells him that its ok for him to turn his back on everyone and condones this crap then turns around and goes to church sunday morning. its like really why the h*ll would you sit there and get more than one girl drunk and you did rape that girl levi and you no you did and you should be in jail weather she said it was ok or not she was 14 years old and u should be in jail u nasty scum bag  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #27)

Madisonville, KY

Isaac wilkerson

caleb driver  (Sep 22, 2012 | post #7)

Madisonville, KY

tommy lips aka tommy powers

ok im so sick of hereing lies come out of this guys mouth at meetings and online and to other people the truth is hes never been on drugs or been on alcahol hes never been addicted to anything but lieing to make people feel sorry for him! he runs around madisonville like he has no ware to go and when in all actualty he has a home in philadelphia pennsylvania! hes got family THAT DOES care for him and that he ran off from cause he continued to lie to them and they told him to stop. he does not have a girlfriend that takes all his money he actually hands it to her and begs her to stay when she dont want to be more than friends and the reason she takes it is cause he lived at a older ladies house names peggy pleasent rent free and barrowed money all the time and owes her alot of money and this schiquita takes it to her. yes he buys alot of things he shouldnt hes stolen from people and has even punched a 20 year old pregnet female by the name of angie in the face and he packed and ass whoopen for it. see this tommy lips is quick to jump and junde other people and make them look bad when in fact all hes doing is lieing and trying to make him self look good for attension i have learned to much about him just by sitting there and watching him run his mouth about things that are not true he puts some truth in there then the rest is lies that he has come up with just to make himself look better. when in fact hes got alot of mental things wrong in his brain but i guess if i seen my family drown i would be that way too. but hes noware near the saint that he trys to make himself look if you want the truth about this so called man (actually a fucking child) then ask and ill am sure more than one person will tell you all he does is lie complain and stretch facts! and i will even be glad to tell him face to face!  (Sep 21, 2012 | post #1)