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Jul 22, 2009

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If I have $10 Million in USA Bank can I do PPP?

We can work with Funds in Wells Fargo. I am direct to the platform. Contact me for details: [email protected]  (Sep 1, 2010 | post #15)


Small Cap Program Available

Email for details: [email protected] The program terms are as follows: 1. Program is via invitation only, pending submittal & approval of client compliance package (acceptable proof of funds POF can be an online screen shot of account statement). No tabletop meeting (TTM) required. 2. The term of the program is a minimum of 180 calendar days. Client will get his or her own asset management contract. 3. No upfront fees. 4. Clients will receive daily trade results and weekly disbursements, unless they choose to compound. 5. The minimum entrance for this program is now 25k USD and there is a 100k USD Cap. The program revolving, meaning, the client can continue to contract every 180-calendar days. If the client would like to establish a longer term contract, it will be discussed with the client on an individual basis 6. Available until further notice. Please advise should you have any additional questions. Specific details discussed with client and program manager directly  (Sep 1, 2010 | post #1)


Looking for the 'Gatekeeper' to this CMO To Trade Program

I know of only one person who has ever been paid by a platform that is similar to what is posted. I can put you in touch with her. I have verified she is being paid currently Contact me at [email protected]  (Sep 1, 2010 | post #10)


Has anyone successfully placed BG into trade?

Lina, Contact me at [email protected] I may be able to help. We have worked successfully with BG's in from various banks in various ways.  (Sep 1, 2010 | post #7)


White Doves For Sale

Real Seller Contact for details. [email protected]  (Sep 1, 2010 | post #1)


Real Gold Transaction Investors Wanted

This is a very real no BS transaction to purchase Gold at a discount. Serious investors wanted. No time wasters, transaction backed by company assets. $2m needed, $500k min [email protected] om for details  (Feb 10, 2010 | post #1)


Precious Mineral & Stone Buy/Sell

Opportunity: Company has monthly contract to purchase and sell Au. Full transparency to serious investor. Seeking equity investors for long term transaction. Percentage of ownership based on 2m USD total amount. Further details to be discussed along with full transparency and disclosure. 10k USD min, total amount needed 2m USD. Contact [email protected]  (Feb 3, 2010 | post #1)


Time Draft For Sale

Time Draft For Sale Good Discount Email [email protected] for details  (Feb 3, 2010 | post #1)


Looking for CMO platform

$300k Bullet Trade Email [email protected] for details  (Feb 3, 2010 | post #76)


$10k USD Commodites Program

$10k USD Minimum Commodities Based Program This is physical commodities, not pretend paper trading. Contact for more details and full disclosure. [email protected]  (Feb 2, 2010 | post #1)


Privatized Forex Quant Trading System Seeking Investor Ca...

We currently own a proprietary currency quant that has been very successful in the beta testing with live cash. This is US Based, not out in the mystical banking world. We are currently raising $5m of private funds to complete the build out of the system and trade. This is a non-dealing desk set up that allows for a larger than normal profit per month. We have recently completed a stock quant that has been extremely successful and is being implemented into the market currently. We are experienced. Shares/Equity to be issued to the investors. Referrals will be compensated well. Email [email protected] m for more details and a copy of the overview.  (Jan 28, 2010 | post #1)


$1m Bullet Program

$1m USD Min, $10m USD Max Funds stay in Client's Account CIS and POF to get started Direct placement with Asset Manager Once CIS and POF are submitted, call scheduled with Asset Mgr Return paid in 21 banking days. Email [email protected] or call 800-965-6153  (Nov 18, 2009 | post #1)

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Green Investment Project

www.jointeffortfar Organic Farm: Food Fuel and Pharma Contact for more details 800-965-6153 [email protected]  (Nov 16, 2009 | post #1)

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