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Feb 13, 2013

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Gresham bakery says Oregon Constitution protects refusal ...

Have you read your Bible? That's the book Christians supposedly use as their guide, and as their justification for what they do. The answer is there: Jesus mingled with ALL. He shared with ALL. He treated ALL equally. He fed ALL. This baker is NOT a Christian. He's at best a hypocrite, and at worst an outright liar. If he believes he shouldn't make cakes for people who don't follow his beliefs, then he should deny service to ANYONE who isn't a Christian. By singling out gay people he is hypocritical of his own claim. But if he truly were a Christian he'd know the Bible teaches and that Jesus example was to treat ALL with equal respect, and further to provide for them. No exceptions. Claiming he's "Christian " is bull: he isn't following Christ's example at all. Thus I think there is a solid case that the baker is BOTH a hypocrite AND a liar. And the icing on this cake is that he will lose in court because Oregon law specifically spells out that this kind of discrimination is not allowed.  (Feb 13, 2013 | post #22)


Gresham bakery says Oregon Constitution protects refusal ...

Where did you get your information? Do you have actual statistics of this "600%" or are you just making it up? Please cite your reference.  (Feb 13, 2013 | post #21)