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May 6, 2010

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

the outlaws motorcycle gang in south Florida is all but g...

My old man rode with the outlaws in South Florida for years when he lived there. He said the leadership down that way is incompetent these days but that is all about to change big time! The outlaws will be. "A force to be reckoned with" real soon mister.You better hope no one figures out who you are.  (Feb 11, 2011 | post #7)

Miramar, FL

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

Get a life you skank!  (Dec 8, 2010 | post #122216)

Miramar, FL

Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision

cherrythetart has no life and is dumb as a box of rocks. You and I pay her unemployment as she is on topix 8 hours a day.  (Dec 8, 2010 | post #122215)

Winchester, IN

Eva Cleaver

Hey you everyone! Took a long needed hiatus but I'm back and feelin fab! I got my Lady Gaga tickets and sooooo looking forward to that evening. Did I mention back stage passes?? Oh! And reservations at ST ELMO STEAK HOUSE!! Hey, let a lady live it up sometimes.... Holler later.  (Jul 13, 2010 | post #97)

Winchester, IN

Cat-killer now accused of threatening his infants' mothers

Hey you, You are so funny and light hearted and it's always a great big ol pleasure to chat with you. If I EVER go off on you it's because I'm not my self that day. You know. Florida hugh? Sound really inviting for sure. I sent you an e-mail. Did you get it? I'll be on that other site later on. You just keep on dodging those aligators! (lol)  (May 29, 2010 | post #24)

Winchester, IN

Cat-killer now accused of threatening his infants' mothers

He's defintly gat problems with cats and women. As a matter-a-fact he's got a bumpersticker that reads: " Cat's are just tiny women in cheap fur coats."  (May 28, 2010 | post #20)

Chicago, IL

BARACK OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Suit contesting Obama's c...

Our economy is falling down around our ears, we're in two wars that we can't get out of"" You were on a roll...why did you stop? What did GW do? Pull a magic switch before he left office and put the country in skids? I'll take GW any day. By now you would have seen improvments. Were on a accelerated trin to becoming a 3rd world country. Do you still admit to voting him in? You probably do the tap dance and stammer: "Well ugh, I didnt vote this time....  (May 9, 2010 | post #119817)

Indianapolis, IN

Should Indiana follow Arizona with immigration reform

Hey Veritas, You must have sent me the wrong link. Resend please. I love the M. Savage show. He's got a great book: liberalism is a mental disorder  (May 9, 2010 | post #101)

Indianapolis, IN

Should Indiana follow Arizona with immigration reform

If you break into this country you are a criminal. I have friends who spent years going through the proper channels to get here legally and its not fair to them for you to slip in and expect a welcome wagon. Go home and get in the end of the line at immigrations or risk jail and a free ride in a cargo hold of a freight jet. Thats how they send you by the way. That goes if your Mexican, Irish, or from any country in the world. Do it legally.  (May 8, 2010 | post #98)

Indianapolis, IN

Greenwood student sues to stop prayer

Weather you like it or not ,this country was based and founded on Judaic-Christian values. The more you throw God out of the picture, the faster this country will fall.  (May 8, 2010 | post #90)

Indianapolis, IN

About 10 tons of trash removed from White River

I live in Randolph county where the White river basically starts. We cleaned up our act in the 90's by slowing down fertilization runoff. Then an Anderson factory dumped tons of chemicals into the river killing half of everything. Now 10 tons of trash?? Does Indiana have a vendetta against that river? I'v had so many good memory's of the White river. I hope people CLEAN up their act! One of these days mother nature is going to shake of the human race like a body rids a virus.  (May 7, 2010 | post #9)

Winchester, IN

Muncie man held in sex crime probe in Winchester

Hey Mike of Florida. I am who I am; Still that out-spoken but sweet thing! Hey I'm not made up for the camera every damn camera shot but I'm comfortable with my self image whatever angle, light or pose. The real soul inside is where the real glamour and exoticism lies! I'll change it when the tide tells me. I like you, but your not the tide Mike. HeHeHe!  (May 6, 2010 | post #3)

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