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Nov 7, 2007

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Q & A with Eva-Lauren


I Do It All For Tha Love Of $


Bodymore,Murdaland (MLC)



Local Favorites:

U can catch me at the mall! I love to shop! ima punk rock kind of girl ma stores are Hot topic, claires, journey's, rave, spencers, spices!

I Belong To:

I belong to ma God!

When I'm Not on Topix:

When im not on topix im on myspace. U can check ma profile out at on myspace and get at me!

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I speak only the truth and i wont deny the truth!

I'm Listening To:


Read This Book:

That Was Dirty

Favorite Things:

Reading, laufin, talkin, learning, dancing, rapping, singin, makin fun of things, goin out ,meeting new pepl. But most importantly i love shoppin

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