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Jul 21, 2014

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Ukraine tells Russia to recognise new president

Poroshenko now is far from being on the right tack. While his tanks and aviation bomb innocents in eastern Ukraine - those poor of Ukrainians whom Kiev consider to be terrorists, the political activity of Kiev itself makes practically no headway, it is paralyzed. Surely it may be a problem with me and with the sources me uses to get info about Ukraine, but I still haven't heard that the newly elected president of Ukraine has dissolve the Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada and placed his own team of country managers instead. Still haven't heard a thing about parliamentary elections being held in Ukraine. Most of those who occupy currently cabinets in Kiev... THINK! some of them got there via windows amid the street protests...! You call it legitimate parliament? I seriously doubt it is. Kiev's authority remains inactive and will continue to raise doubts until Ukraine won't hold parliamentary elections! Rada needs immediate elections! That's what Ukraine now needs above all.  (Jul 21, 2014 | post #57)