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Nov 16, 2008

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lexapro side effects, please share your thoughts

Im on Lexapro for PMDD but Im on 25mg for it!! the PMDD still gets through! I find that I am exhausted all the time, it's really extreme. I sleep till 5.00 some days and i feel drained and lethargic a lot. I dont ever seem to get enough sleep. Anyone experience this and have any suggestions on how to make it better?  (Nov 16, 2008 | post #5)

lexapro and excessive tiredness

Hiya Im on 20 -25 mg of lexapro daily and I am constantly exhausted. I take lexapro for PMT and I have to up my normal dose of 20mg to 25 around the time of my period. i am always exhausted and I sleep rediculous amount. I was wondering did anyone have this same problem and did they have any suggestions to ease it  (Nov 16, 2008 | post #1)