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May 17, 2012

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Best domestic etizolam.

Typo--The above should say "these are in no way illegal in the United states." Just so long as everyone understands these are not being sold as a medication, and no medical claims are being made, and are not being sold for human consumption.  (Jan 5, 2013 | post #2)

Best domestic etizolam source.

Check the reviews from the other threads.  (Jan 4, 2013 | post #3)

Best domestic etizolam source.

Search Topix for "mystylplx " to see my feedback. You can also check out my feedback thread on TAS. These are sold for legitimate research purposes only and are not sold for human consumption. These are in way way illegal or regulated within the United States, but they are also not FDA approved to sell as an over the counter medication, thus they are NOT sold for human consumption. They are sold for research purposes in the hopes of eventually achieving FDA approval. I make no medical claims about them. Prices are -- $9.00 per blister pack of ten pellets each. (90 cents/pellet) $7.50 for ten or more blister packs of ten pellets each (75 cents/pellet) Shipping is $7 for Priority (2-3 days) with tracking. $20 for Express (1-2 days) with tracking. Payment is Venmo or Google checkout. Send me your order via email and I will send a Venmo payment link or Google checkout invoice. Venmo is pretty much the same as Paypal only cheaper for me. Google checkout is another option if you prefer. Shipping is same day or next day depending on when you pay the invoice and whether I've already shipped that day. Tracking numbers will be sent immediately after shipping. These are shipped from within the domestic U.S. Email [email protected] m for more info.  (Jan 3, 2013 | post #1)

U.S. domestic etizolam. Best prices on net.

My riseup address is currently not working for some reason so orders can be sent to [email protected] instead until I can figure out what's wrong with the riseup address.  (Dec 2, 2012 | post #8)

Best U.S. domestic Etizolam, Etilaam brand. Beat all pric...

No problem. Plenty to go around and I am out sometimes, however, I have 4 packages in customs and 2 more following. The goal is to never run out, yet, as soon as I get to that point I'll probably lower my prices and start running out again. Ah well. :-\  (Oct 26, 2012 | post #17)


Decided to stop doing the dropshipping. Too much hassles. I deal with those hassles all the time but I;m used to it. Part of the biz. But customers don't like it when it takes 5 days to get a tracking number, or 3 weeks to arrive, and they pass that on to me even though I warned them. But to answer your question, when I was doing that, shipping was included.  (Sep 28, 2012 | post #17)