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Jun 16, 2010

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Lenoir, NC

Dieting again

Hi everyone I want to share some dieting secrets I have been using. These are handy "tips and trick" to lose weight that Ihad learned from family. Specially my sissy's mother in Gamewell. First off drink lots of water s this will help fill you up but that's about itS. I'm a tea man thru and thru but I am learning to adjust. Second thing is make sure you have regular bowl movements . If you are not then that means you are not eating right. My standard meal if i am feeling constipated is my wife will make shrimp dinner and a cup of coffee for me. It honestly reminds me of my days drivin a rig. But that's beside the point. Last point is if you really want something, don't deprive yourself too much. For ecxample I have always been a big mozz stix or " cheese sticks" fan. Lately I will order an extra large app of them but I will remote the breeding. I still dip the cheese in red sauce . I have lost 9 pounds already since i started eating this way. I started the dirt about 10 months ago so that is a good start. Hopping to bring my weight way down below 400 this hear when softball season is here. Cheers  (Mar 16, 2014 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

Modest shoes for men

This is a post for the men out there. Im a man with average size feet (they are usually between a size 6 and 7.5 depending on time of year and feet swell). I work in water treatment so I stand on my feet most days and they swell bad. But Are there any other men with similar size feet? I am looking for some church shoes and softball shoes that would fit a man like me. I do not want to spend much but I have not found a good selection in Caldwell. Also my feet are a wide and I would like to have a little arch or heel with the church shoes. No cowboy boots please they are too expensive and I cant ever break them in. Im looking for a modest shoe. Thank you for chatting Childress  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

Porn shop coming to lenoir.

I probably should not be sharing this (I always say too much on these dang forms) but I dont mind this. Yes yes yes I know that a lot of Christians (myself being one) hate porno. But every body use it so why not be honest. Every body hide is it and it just mkaes you get your feelings hurt. I was at work and used the work computer to search for some pictures on google. It was not even porno but it was not right. A woman I work with found it because I didnt know to close properlly and it was pictures of Mitchel Obama. I kno many of you dont agree with black and white couples but I think she is great and could be president too. I was searching for a pic of her without sleeves because I love women who have toned arms lol. I dunno I just think it looks good when a woman takes care of her body and it dont hurt if she got a nice tan and all. I might not go to the porno store but every body needs to just lighten up. I got probation at work because. Childress  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #23)

Lenoir, NC

caught boy brindon red handed need advise

Lopper you seem like a very Christian man and that is good, but your post is scaring me. It sounds like you have a beautiful family but you and me both know that boys will be boys. When I was his age (5 years?) I used to be so curius with my sissys clothes. Daddy still teases me about it lol. I remmeber one time II tried stratenin my hair with my my sissys hair iron like a nitwit. Probably sharing too much here lol but we was at a friend house and they had a poool and I climbed out and went to the bathroom and well I found her hair iron and ended up smellin up that whole house with burn hair and I swear to gosh it was never quite the same. Thats just horsen around. I think sport is a great way to make sure that he knows hes a real boy and you should make sure he has a good role model. If you want to show him softball u can bring him down to optemist park where we play most sundays and wednesdays. I will teach him how to show off for the girls lol. Just make sure he understand that its ok to be hisself. I was also told (not too sure about this) that some tablets at G&C can make you know boys turn out right. Again not sure just somethin a teammate of mine was doin for his boys friend. Send me a message if you have ??. Childress  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #3)

Lenoir, NC

Shoe Carnival - A Want and a Need

Hello Just posting to see if anyone on these forums has heard anythin about the possibillity of a shoe carnival coming to our fair city. My stepsons best friend has a mother who told them at softball the other day that the old taco bell was soon to be remodeled into a new shoe carnival. She said she found out because one off her cousins lays carpet and they seened a roll of carpet come through their office here in lenoir that looks umistakable like the kind shoe carnival uses. I know what ur thinking. Ur thinkin why do we need a SHOE CARNIVAL? We already got a shoe show, a payless shoe, walmart, and Magic Mart. And to that I'd tell you we nee d a shoe carnival because it offers so much more than SHOES people. I brought my youngest neice down to hickory to get her a pair one night (I wanted an Icee from Target so it wsa a fair trade I think lol) and she had a great time. I swear we must have been there for about 2 and a half hours. Playin games havin snacks my wife had packed us and trying on shoes. Now I wear a size 7 shoe, has to be extra wide, and it can be hard as heck to find. But the good folks there always treat me respectable and assist me in finding just the right shoe. For those who have similar sized feet, i recommend Dickies brand. Anyway I hope they'll bring one here soon. I would love to take my boy out there and just let him have a great time at a family friendly place like shoe carnival. there arent enough places where folks can be folks anymore. shoe carnival is still that place. Childress  (Jun 18, 2011 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

Fast Food How much is To Much

Interlopper I can tell you have your boys interests at heart but may I suggest a change of sport? I play softball with our church group on Wednesdays at optemist park and I've never been in better shape in my life. Now granted we play for the love of the game and the love of our Lord but we really pour our heart and soul into it and some of the boys take it awful serious, Infact the recently the other day i was pitching to a young man who was new to our league and he must not have known what the old man had in store for him (a few of the regulars have taken to calling me Howler because of the speed of my pitches, and since then I like to let out a big yell after a strike-out especially if we have a good crowd like we might have next week following Easter Sunday) and I threw him a nice hard pitch right up in the strike zone and caught him leaning and hit him in the shoulder. I've never been one to be unsportsmanlike so I ran up and talked to him but the poor boy was in tears and the doctors said he has a fratcured shoulder gurdle. I spoke wiht him at feast night in our rec room and the boy ws still tore up about not being able to play this season so I could tell right then and there that this league was truley something special and I thank the Lord that we can bring these values to our youth. Childress  (Apr 21, 2011 | post #5)

Lenoir, NC

Best Singer in Caldwell?

I know that he aint technically from Caldwell but I must say I'm fond of Eric Church. I was listenin to him with daddy the other day and he said he couldn't get over how much his sound reminded him of a young Garth Brooks. Now that's pretty good company right there. I think it's a great joy to discover how a good country record can bring generations together and remind you of whats important. I still remember the first time I heard his record I had just gotten done buying groceries with my wife at BiLo and it played on the radio. My wife looked over at me and told me that his song "How Bout You" reminder her of our first date and she looked so beautiful right there. I recall we had steak that night and I can still remember the way it taste lol now what more can you ask for in a super.  (Jul 14, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

Favorite Panda Buffet Memory?

to all of yall who call lenoir home you probably know by now that the panda buffet has been demalished. im not yanking your chain when i say that was one of my favorite dining establishments in our city for years. i loved taking my wifes son there for soft serve after his cross country meets especially after a bad showing. some of those workers were very kind when he finished last in his final race as a jv runner. that poor boy was in tears the whole time we were there and the hostess gave him a complementry trip through the line because she knew the pain he was in. he has never been the best runner but he was always sportsmanlike. i recall during that race most of the runners had already left to go home when he got done but he congradulated those who were still there when he finished. he was awfully embarassed as you can probably imagine because hes always worn his heart on his sleave and really wanted to win that race for his mother who couldn't be there because she was doing continuing education. they wouldnt let him soak his feet at the bufet in the painters bucket of warm water we had brought but i told them i understood that because i've worked in the service industry and i know how troubling ti can be to get a poor sanitation grade or make other customers uncomfortable. Childress  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

Fondest 4th of July Memory?

Hello my fellow topix forum posters lol I was just curious if anyone had any interesting memories from independence days gone by. Here's one of my own that I'm a bit embarrassed abotu but don't mind sharin I suppose I was fly fishing with my older sister Beverly about 15 years ago on the banks of Wilson Creek. I remember it like it was yesterday, i was using mosquito larva and my sister who always has thought she knew best tried to use hardend grease from when she made chicken fried steak the night before. We were standin in the water just enough to cool ourselves off when wouldn't you know it but she gets a tug on her line. I tell her to remain calm and give me her rod but she's stubborn so she tries to catch him. This girl also refused to use a cork handle for some odd reason, instead she had a preference for wrapping duct tape around her handle. Well she gets herself a big bluegill (I believe anyway but you're about to find out that we'll never know lol) and in all the pandimonium she gets her rod grip wet and it flies out of her hand. I go chasin after it but at this point I had a few "adult beverages" and i fell face first. Well as we all know there are some shallow areas of Wilson which is what made it such a difficult loggin passage during times of drought. My grandfather used to tell me that he would skinny dip in Wilson only when it was a drought because he had a better chance of seeing exposed women but he always was a horndog. Anyway i chipped my tooth on a rock.  (Jul 1, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

Lit eMusic

my wife enjoys Chris Gaines, not sure if he's considered lite though  (Jul 1, 2010 | post #8)

Lenoir, NC

Feeling Foxy

Am I the only one who loves this warm weather? I suffer from bad rumatoid arthrittis and so in the colder months i stiffin up worse than you can imagine. I joke with my brother that if next winter is as bad as this past one, he might as well stick the star of bethlehem right on top of my head and string me up in lights. This warm weather is just to my liking, but i must say it does make my feel swell up awfully bad. I work in water treatment and after a full day of standing on my feet my wife almost has to pry my shoes off. I wear a size 7 in Dickies because they're the only brand that seem to give a little as the day goes on. You? Childress  (Jun 23, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

What are yall most excited for about Magic Mart?

Magic Mart over on Blowing Rock Blvd is opening soon. What is everyone most excited about? Thank you Childress  (Jun 23, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

BBQ Served!!! my house every Sunday late afternoon after service. If any of yall are interested in pig picken, well then feel to be a neighbor and stop on by. -Childress  (Jun 20, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

How do you talk to an angel?

My wife and I have been married for almost 6 months and we're renewing our vows. I'm terrified because i'm not good at sayin vows. Then the other night my step-son Fain showed me alicia keys performing live on youtube. My jaw hit the floor. In my opinion, Alicia Keys is a certified 10. Now I know some of yall won't agree, but she has the whole package. Her warmth, her sensuality, wow!. So in the end I channeled all of Alicia's writings and pictured myself writing the vows as if they were for Alicia instead of my wife. It made it so much easier to write and more powerful When I read them at the ceremony behind Barnhardt's offices she broke down in tears and said she had no idea i felt that way about her. I was so proud of myself! If you wanna learn how to talk to YOUR angle, just go to youtube a listen to some Alicia Keys music!! -Childress  (Jun 20, 2010 | post #1)

Lenoir, NC

George's on the lake

Oh lord don't get me started about George's. i took my wife there for our first date and i'm DANG sure she's a laid back woman (she married me this past spring after all so she must be lol!1). but ok so we went on our first date there and the whole time she kept sayin that she was cold and askin them to turn the a/c down. i was sweatin bullets, and i don't know if thats because i'm warm natured and always perspire a little more than my friends or if it was just the nerves, but she was uncomfortable. i asked them TWICE to turn it down just a little and i swear we must have gotten a waiter that couldn't understand our nation's language because he basically ignored us. to top it all off i went in the bathroom half way through super and those stalls were worse than the run-in gas station off of hwy 18. i told my wife, i said to her "honey if you give me another shot i promise you i'll make you dang sure you don't regret it." a couple weeks later we ate at Meedo's italian restaurant and saw how to really get treated by a wait staff. i can't speak about george's food because i enjoyed everything we ate but the staff nearly cost me the love of my life. -Childress  (Jun 20, 2010 | post #4)