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Mar 28, 2014

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Lockpicking strategies in the elder scrolls online

The ES series all have a lockpicking system but with different ways and strategies. Lockpicking, generally speaking, is really useful when you want to break into one’s house or open a treasure chest, where many eso items or eso gold can be found. This system in eso is similar to what it is in Oblivion—a mini game, we can say: You have to “feel” the lock by watching the visual effects and listening to the sounds of pins or tumblers being forced up and falling down. Once you know which visuals/sounds to look out for, you can master the art of lockpicking. Also there are some general tips helping you out: Instantly click on the tumbler the very moment it begins to drastically shake. Carefully listen to the sounds made by the tumbler when you push it further. There is a special sound if it comes to the right place. Try several times (less than five) to figure out the right sound and right place. If you fail, you will break a lockpick. Lockpicks can be bought from town merchants. Don’t enter Tamriel with no lockpick. Anyway, they can be looted in the starter area in Coldharbor. As you level up, you will come across chests that are difficult to open, thus mastering the above tips will help a lot. Lockpicking high level chests has a time limit. What’s worse, someone may take your opportunity away since there is no pausing the game for this MMO. So you have to keep a really keen eye on some cheeky fellow as well as the right place and special sound. Good quality eso items and eso gold will never be enough for a player. Hope you can unlock more chests and obtain excellent items. Or you can seek eso power leveling. Why? Craglorn is available! What are you still waiting for? More information,please click m.  (May 22, 2014 | post #1)

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Craglorn launch on May 22

Finally, here comes Craglorn. Eso official site post this announcement yesterday on May 21. It goes that the Update 1, including Craglorn, will hit the live servers starting tomorrow. At the same time, the servers will be offline. The maintenance will begin on Thursday, May 22 at 8 AM EDT for the North American megaserver and at 10 PM EDT for the European Megaserver. After the maintenance Update 1 will be available to players. The update this time includes the first adventure zone Craglorn, where there are new four-player quests and delves and more exploration, the first 12-player Trials, and a host of fixes and improvements. Players have been expecting it for a long time as there are leak-out information about the update about three weeks ago. Although many fixes have been done in the past weeks, these fixes and improvements in the new Update 1 are also what players are expecting. This update is the first since the official release of the elder scrolls online and it comes right in accordance with the time Zenimax has promised—no much delay. It has been on PTS for about half a month, so we can hope a more smoothly eso since Zenimax really frustrated a lot in bugs and sure they have learned some lessons. The Update means more challenges and better eso items. Turn to m for some if needed.  (May 21, 2014 | post #1)

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Ways to maximize your eso inventory size

Are you fond of looting everything in the elder scrolls online, even a single crate or barrel? If so, do you have problem lacking inventory space? Then it’s time you learned some effective ways to maximize your inventory size and improve your quality of life in Tamriel. But they are eso gold based, so get yourself enough eso gold first. Get familiar with Pack merchants to buy pack upgrades. Every character in eso has 60 defaulted inventory slots and it can be upgraded to 110. One upgrade increases the size by 10, and the price is different. For example, the first inventory upgrade to 70 slots costs 400 eso gold while the last upgrade to 110 costs 19,200 eso gold. Feed your mount to add carrying capacity. A mount, especially the draft horse, which has 10 capacity higher than any other, is worth feeding every 20 hours to add the carrying capacity by 1. Though it costs 42,700 eso gold to but the mount and every feeding costs 250 eso gold, it is a good way to increase your inventory slots. Make use of the bank space. Each account has a defaulted bank slots of 60, which can also upgraded to 240. The first upgrade costs 1000 eso gold, and the last one 85000—that’s a lot! Take advantage of guild banks. Guild banks may not be as convenient as others casue it is limited to guildmaster. Only when you have create a guild by yourself and 9 other willing members can you get access to the guild bank. Create mule characters. It can’t be possible that you have all your eso items in your shared bank at the same time, so you can put those eso items that will be used later in the mule characters. Take advantage of the mail system in game. Send a mail with a bunch of eso items to one of your trusted friends then have him return the mail to you. This will provide you unlimited bag space. But pay attention the mails expire in 30 days. don’t let them disappear. You see, there are so many ways to maximize your inventory size. But if you don’t have enough eso gold for that, come to m to buy cheap eso gold.  (May 19, 2014 | post #1)

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Skill Points in ESO

One of the limited resources in the elder scrolls online is skill points. Skill points are needed for almost everything from unlocking passive crafting skills to passive and active combat skills and their morphs. It is very important to grab all the skill points you can get for character progression. Some of skill points can be cumulated naturally with your advance in the game,but sometimes you may also go out of your way. There are more than 300 skill points available in the game. And the number of skill points is only going to get bigger and bigger in ESO with new content updates and zones. At the same time you’ll gain access to a greater variety of skill. But 300 is not enough to master everything. For example, crafting alchemy will eat 19 skill points, other crafting professions can be as many as 23. But since eso is all about combat, your skill points should be focused on combat skills and passives. So you’d better allocate your skill points well. How to get skill points? First, leveling. Every level helps you get a skill point, so from level 1-veteran rank 10, there are 59 skill points in total. Second, doing quests. Completing a whole quest line in a zone may give you 3 skill points while the main story line guarantees 10. Every 4-man dungeon quest done, you will gain 1. Meanwhile, public dungeons and fight in Cyrodill all give you skill points. Third, gathering skyshards. You will get one skill points for every three skyshards, 107 in total. How to reset skill points? This is done at a shrine which can be found in the second major alliance zone. But it’s not free. This costs 100 eso gold per skill point – the more skill points you have, the more you have to pay. Here is where the shrines are: Aldmeri Dominion Skill point reset shrine, Shrine to Stendarr is in Elden Root, Grahtwood. Ebonheart Pact Skill point reset shrine, Shrine to Stuhn is in Mournhold, Deshaan. Daggerfall Covenant Skill point reset shrine, Shrine to Stendarr is in Wayrest, Stormhaven. More information,please click m .  (May 19, 2014 | post #1)

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ESO Mounts Introduction

Mounts are more than a useful way to get from one place to another in mmos—they can also be the status symbol. But in the elder scrolls online, at least at this stage, there is not a large selection of flashy mounts, but a unique progression system. You can purchase a mount at level 1 and then level it up all the way to level 50 by feeding them every 20 hours. This introduction includes the available mounts in game and their attributes. Available mounts in eso Mount Speed Stamina Carrying Cost Obtained from Common Hourse 15% 10 0 17,200g Stablemaster Draft Hourse 15% 10 10 42,700g Stablemaster Gaited Hourse 15% 20 0 42,700 g Stablemaster Imperial Hourse 15% 10 0 1g (CE only) Stablemaster Light Hourse 25% 10 0 42,700g Stablemaster Palomilo Hourse 15% 10 0 $14.99 / €11.99 ESO store Since there are no possible mount drops from bosses in the game, most of the mounts should be obtained with eso gold. The Palomilo Horse is paid with real money and the Imperial Horse is given by the Imperial Edition of eso. A player can have more than one mount, but only one is active, and the others should be kept in a stable which can be bought with eso gold. Mount attributes Speed Speed is what makes the mount move. The greater the speed is, the faster the horse will move in the game. If the distance is huge, you’d better add more attribute points (49 in total) to speed, or you may forced to spend a lot of time travelling. Speed can also be increased by feeding the mount apples. Every time you feed the mount, it costs you 250 eso gold. Stamina Stamina determines how long the mount can run. Feeding your mount Hay will increase its stamina, allowing it to sprint longer and take more hits before becoming dismounted and each time costs 250 gold. Capacity This may be the most interesting horse attribute in eso. It increases the max bag space. Feeding your mount Oats will increase its carrying capacity and each time 250 gold too. More information please click m.  (May 15, 2014 | post #1)

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Eso Power Leveling Cheap in

Hello, everybody! Thank you for your visit to m, and thank you for your support all the time through. During the eight years providing mmo products, we have been enjoying offering our best service to our customers. So far the elder scrolls online has been available for about one and half a month, and we believe all of you have had a good time playing the game. What we can do is to provide the cheapest but best service to you to help you enjoy more in the game. Now our eso power leveling service is hot and cheap. We do character leveling, veteran rank leveling, weapon skill leveling crafting leveling all at a cheap price. Lv1-20 power leveling $41.10 Lv1-30 power leveling $80.69 Lv1-40 power leveling $124.58 Lv1-50 power leveling $178.68 Veteran ranks Lv1-2 $66.62 Veteran ranks Lv2-5 $189.00 Veteran ranks Lv5-10 $358.67 Veteran ranks Lv1-10 $401.89 Two-handed skill (1-50) $90.17 One-hand and shield skill (1-50) $90.17 Dual wield skill (1-50) $90.17 Bow skill (1-50) $90.17 Destruction staff skill (1-50) $90.17 Restoration staff skill (1-50) $90.17 Woodworking (1-50) $239.99 Provisioning (1-50) $239.99 clothing (1-50) $239.99 blacksmithing (1-50) $239.99 Alchemy (1-50) $239.99 enchanting (1-50) $373.17 meanwhile, as a reliable store, we have plenty of cheap eso items to sell too. For more detailed information, please visit our site at m. Thank you again for your support and have a nice day!  (May 14, 2014 | post #1)

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Cheap eso items makes you stronger in Trials

When you have become an veteran players in the elder scrolls online, it means you are in a way pursuing greater success. You are no longer limited to level up quickly, but you want prestige. This is just like when you are young, you want to grow up soon, but as you have grown up, you know your goal changes—you should be a successful man and let others respect you. How could that happen in the game world? Well, it’s quite simple to do that. Get yourself a set of awesome, unique and first-class gear and you will be the focus. And the necessary eso items or the gear can be bought from m at cheap price. Except for obtain prestige, your gear adds extra buffs to your ability and will make you powerful that seldom are there anyone that can defeat you, which is quite cool when the new Trials come. The 12-player Trials are designed for veteran players. This is the first step when you want to enter the first adventure zone Craglorn. So the challenges in the Trials are hard to imagine. Players are easy to die. The best way to be in Trials a bit longer is to be powerful and more powerful so that you can experience the whole process as long as one and a half hours. The following update of eso can be fun, so you really shouldn’t miss every wonderful detail of it. Get yourself prepared now by purchasing cheap eso items to make yourself much stronger and be ready to fire up.  (May 13, 2014 | post #1)