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Sep 12, 2013

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Financial Blog Corliss Group: Russia Admits That Its Econ...

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's government acknowledged for the first time on Monday that the economy was in crisis, undermining earlier attempts by officials to suggest albeit weakening growth it could weather sanctions over Ukraine. Moscow markets wait to see the full scale of western measures over the seizure of Ukraine's Crimea and support of its referendum to join Russia, after losing billions of dollars in recent weeks in state and corporate money. For weeks, Russian officials have said the confrontation between Moscow and the West over Ukraine that threatens economic sanctions and asset freezes would "weigh on the economy". Although not speaking directly about the impact from the conflict, Deputy Economy Minister Sergei Belyakov said on Monday the economy was in trouble. Read more: http://www.busines as-deputy-economic -minister-warns-kr emlin-economy-is-i n-crisis-2014-3 More from Corliss: http://corlissonli http://corlissonli https://www.facebo nefinancialmag m/CorlissGroupMag  (Mar 17, 2014 | post #1)