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Oct 21, 2013

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N.B. shale gas solidarity protests spread to other regions

The way to go, Canada! I say, the same civilian riots must now take place all over Europe!! The same American energy corporations, the same death breathing oil and shale gas extraction technologies. Austria, Poland, Sweden.... Those idiots that defend the hydraulic fracturing method use say: "nothing fatal has yet happened". An iron argument, when lives of hundreds and thousands people appear to be under a certain threat. Wonder, what all they are going to do it when something really fatal happens indeed?? Fact: too much and too often a man interferes today into the processes on earth about which he knows actually nothing. Pity, but evidently indeed the Deepwater Horizon tragedy left no lesson at all. For nothing suffered people, for nothing suffered animals, for nothing suffered ocean, for nothing suffered nature and planet. The thing we all now practically do – are sitting with a hope that not under our houses the ground is going to sink, that not our children will die during another portion of terrible earthquakes and that not our relatives will appear in gone missing lists. Unfortunately indeed something terrible must happen to make idiots to think seriously about the hydraulic fracturing method use.  (Oct 21, 2013 | post #2)