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Jan 21, 2013

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New York, NY

No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer

This is sad but true! Unfortunatly Money talks in our society and money buys guns, guns are power and power sometimes needs to be taken down by guns. It's vicious and it needs to stop. We need to find a system that doesn't just provide for you if your rich, powerfull or smart(by current tests). everyone is important! There have probably been alot of people that have died that were considered unimportant because they werent well know, and lets face it if your rich, powerfull or smart you are well know by some measure. What about the people that go by everyday and have a good attitude that are unhappy because their life isn't exactly what they want, or simply that they don't know what they want. Yet they try. Goverment needs to address that in mass. See how quick society blossoms into a pleasent place then  (Jan 21, 2013 | post #95)

New York, NY

No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer

These gun grabbers want to " Fundamentally Change " our government, which means trashing the US Constitution, and installing a system similar to China's government. Think about it, do any of us REALLY WANT THIS ? this was posted by another member. No I don't think we want what china has where they don't really care about their people(that's china's greatest resource and they are using it"many disposable people") but our goverment was also meant to change. Their are too many people out there able to get guns(legally or Illegaly) that should absolutly not have them as eviden't in many emotional shootings. Yes Thomas Jefferson said "once and a while a litte revolution is a good thing". So people we are making history. Just as we had our first African American president. Other things will change. We as a people have to learn what we wan't. We need to keep the old good things, reserve the unusefull(can't think of a better word to describe the old items that were looked down on or are just downright evil) and meld the with the future good(can't think of the right word for the unwritten good things to move forward with) and meld them together. As a pesonal note I would like to carry forward with me as many would probably like to do "carry our family keepsakes and traditions" with us they comfort us and make us who we are. So this is what lays ahead or us "lets talk" as Joan Rivers says.  (Jan 21, 2013 | post #94)