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Nov 2, 2008

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Ellijay, GA

Coosawattee River Resort Ripping Off Owners

Yes, I have DSL. I am sorry I was not able to attend the meeting today. I do know that Ron Bowman can be removed from office by the Board Members (as stated in by-laws) and no reason has to be given. Since Kyle is being paid as Coosawattee's Attorney....his legal advise is free. There are many ways CRR could run more efficiently. I can think of 3 right off the top of my head, with a $250,000 saved.  (Aug 13, 2011 | post #3737)

Ellijay, GA

Coosawattee River Resort Ripping Off Owners

I would not be moving, had it not been for illness. Yes, 628 is a lot to pay in one sum. I put some away every month so it does not feel so bad.  (Apr 12, 2011 | post #3636)

Buckhead, GA


Lets get 8 million illegals, that are holding legal American jobs out of this county. Spanish is not the language of the United States, it is English in case anyone has forgotten. Freeloading has got to stop, our President has got to administer the oath/promise he took "to uphold the constitution" . Birthright was intended for legal Americans not for illegals OR visitors that come here and give birth to become an automatic AMERICAN, by bootstrapping. Harry Reid thinks it is cheaper to educate illegals rather than exporting them back to their birth county (too many to find). With antiquated perspective such as that, I wonder not, why the Untied States is in such a financial dilemma.  (Apr 8, 2011 | post #1)

Ellijay, GA

Looking for Coosawattee River Resort Property

I guess you will find unhappy people everywhere. That is just a sad fact.  (Feb 17, 2011 | post #116)

US Politics

dream amnesty

7 Dec. 2010 NO …DREAM AMNESTY This morning I called one of Senator Reid’s offices in Nevada…. I wanted to know how the Dream Act was going to benefit ….Americans, and why was Senator Harry Reid so intent on getting this Bill passed….. His liaison, a pleasant lady told me ……”it would be impossible to locate and far too expensive and costly to export all the illegals in this county”. So I deducted from that conversation … is easier to minimize the immigration restrictions and give them amnesty and educate them. If this makes perfect sense to you … all means support Senator Reid. Personally I think he is smoking ….the funny weed. So either way….you as Americans are being force fed a line of _ _ it. There is nothing in this Dream Act about stopping the illegals from entering this county. Senator Reid’s theory is…if you can’t find them….make them Americans, then educate (now 65,000) ….then in a few more years …..give amnesty to another group, then in a few more years…another group. The Senator had nothing in his “Dream Act” of securing the borders…. Of course by that time Senator Reid will be dead and the rest of us will be paying the enormous price. This is not about educating the poor children, not born here but smuggled into our country by their parents. Perhaps like Jessica Coloti, who while getting her education here in GA, as a paralegal has continued to break the law. There is no legitimate reason for this Bill, this is a political…tug-of-w ar…American people will the losers not the winners. Reward the criminals and prosecute the American victims.  (Dec 7, 2010 | post #1)