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Oct 6, 2008

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Vacaville, CA

Vacaville to pay $1.3 million over fatal police shooting

Is there a link to the video?  (11 hrs ago | post #10)

Vacaville, CA

Vacaville to pay $1.3 million over fatal police shooting

was shot when he got out of his car and charged at officers with a hammer and knife." Doesn't sound like he was sitting in his car, does it? Also, didn't know he was black. Way to play the race card right off the bat, bro.  (11 hrs ago | post #9)

Vacaville, CA

Police: Search leads to drugs, money, 4 arrests in rural ...

Do they have to actually say "rural Dixon"? As if there is an "urban" part of town.  (15 hrs ago | post #2)

Vacaville, CA

Suit, by prisoner who sued over taken TV, dismissed

All part of the failed Democratic leadership over the last 40 years here in California...origi nator of the "Club Fed" atmosphere that prisoners laugh at, and the taxpayers foot the bill for. TV, movies, free medical, dental, vision, physical therapy, free unlimited legal, spa treatments, free over-the-counter meds, sleep aids, and, oh gender reasignment surgery. Welcome to Club Fed!  (15 hrs ago | post #13)

Vacaville, CA

Vacaville to pay $1.3 million over fatal police shooting

Shouldn't have paid a dime to that POS's family. Lesson to learn...don't bring a hammer and knife to a gun fight.  (15 hrs ago | post #5)

Vacaville, CA

Green valley exit is a joke!!!

Must be rough owning a home in Green Valley. Quit your sniveling, whiner.  (Mar 31, 2015 | post #3)

Vacaville, CA

New loan officer named

Zero "effs" are given about this. Why is this even an article???  (Mar 2, 2015 | post #1)

Vacaville, CA

Group plans African-American history celebration

So...they can call themselves "Negro Women", but nobody else can?  (Feb 19, 2015 | post #6)

Vacaville, CA

Dixon PD: Teen Pulls Knife On Cop; Stolen Check-Cashing A...

That 17-year-old should've been lit up like a Christmas tree. Pulling a knife on a cop? That cop should've emptied his clip into this idiot's center mass. NEVER bring a knife to a gun fight.  (Feb 11, 2015 | post #1)

Vacaville, CA

Authorities look for convicted child molester

Shoot first, ask questions later...if the POS survives.  (Jan 28, 2015 | post #1)

Vacaville, CA

Librarian shot rubber bands at him, state prison inmate c...

Oh, the humanity! Such torture! Someone call the U.N. to report this heinous, inhumane treatment of this fine human being.  (Jan 14, 2015 | post #2)

Vacaville, CA

Suspect arrested for attempted murder in Vacaville stabbing

Those DAMN Irish, at it again!  (Dec 12, 2014 | post #1)

Vacaville, CA

Is green valley the new Vallejo

People in Green Valley have jobs, pay taxes, and are not on Gubmint assistance, so I would say that Green Valley is the exact OPPOSITE of Vallejo.  (Dec 8, 2014 | post #2)

Vacaville, CA

Scumbag Attacker of 82 Year Old Woman Enters Plea

Spay and neuter your animals, people. In Darnell's casee, euthanaisa would be more fitting. POS.  (Nov 17, 2014 | post #2)

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Vacaville, CA


Not Fayfeel, thank God!

Local Favorites:

Tahoe Joes, Texas Roadhouse, Mary's, Baldo's, Luigi's Deli (Concord-best sandwiches on the planet), Legends @ PV, Creekwalk Summer Concert Series

I Belong To:

My wife and kids, Red Sox Nation, GOP, Sarah Palin Fan Club

When I'm Not on Topix:

Golf, Softball, Coaching youth teams, camping, and watching the Sox !

I'm Listening To:

Alice radio...Sarah and Vinnie

Read This Book:

Wait for the movie. You're done in 2 hours.

Favorite Things:

Red Sox, Golf, Travel to Mexico(legally, of course), Negril, Beer, Call of Duty, Pinecrest Lake, Dexter, The Walking Dead, strippers.

On My Mind:

My wife and kids....always !

I Believe In:

Iran and Syria should be next, Building the Wall, NOT having to press "1" for English, waterboarding, that Rap music is spelled wrong...they forgot the "C" at the beginning, and I believe in hating the Yankees with a passion! Gun control means aiming properly before you shoot.