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Apr 24, 2014

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Can Europe Wean Itself Off Russian Gas?

It is almost May outside and I'm happy indeed to see that with the steadily coming summer and warm some people including a number of European politicians decided to put their tongues out of their stinking asses and once again to hold those idle talks and empty discussions that allegedly Europe got absolutely no need in russian gas.... Let me just remind it that everything in this world fortunately and unfortunately got its begging and got its end. Summer ends in SeptemberOh, really? Then why did nabucco failed? Let me guess... cause evidently Turkmenistan is hardly an alternativeAlgeria to support the whole EU with natural gas? Not serious. United States? Expensive shipping + Washington's influence which America will undoubtedly export to Europe along with its gas = poor opportunity as well. The reality is that Europe cannot now wean itself off russin gas and got 4 months to secure its transit via Ukraine where the ongoing political crisis promises to become a threat to European energetic stability.  (Apr 24, 2014 | post #19)