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Jun 11, 2007

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Why California sucks.

So it's been seven years since my original gripe. Time for an update, I suppose? When I originally posted I had been working at a new job for under a year, thinking it might not work out. Boy was I wrong. After all these years I have advanced and advanced. I now have a "skill" Due to hard work and perseverance and keeping my head level. At the time I was pissed because had needed a little help from a system that is proportionately unfair, so I wouldn't have to feed my kids fast food (as it IS cheaper than buying healthily, stupid >.< ) Over the years I've watched my in laws (divorced now) retain some kind of aid. And even labeled one of their kids "disabled " to collect aid. The kid acted out in school once, and now the mother has a scapegoat to sit on her ass still and collect $. So dumb. To all those who told me to go "earn it" (my living), it's not like I wasn't at the time. And it's not like I wanted to be on aid forever, but I have paid my taxes, and I think that option should have been at least available to me when I needed it most. My credit went to hell because of medical expenses for my son. But We have fought back and gained ground. My wife and I are working steadily, can feed our kids and get them things sometimes. Some of these posts have to do with illegal immigrants or politicians or California society as a whole. That was not what I intended it to be. It was just a rant from a really depressed guy who had lost his job (a good one too, I wasn't the one at the gas station), and was angry that he had no options even though he "paid" for some of them. It's been an eye opener re-reading posts from seven years ago. But California still sucks. Those that are in the position I was in at that time are still having a hard go of it. I'm talking about those who never wanted the stigma of "Aid" but were actively looking for work. Those people get hurt by pretty much 75% of what's been posted on in this topic. If you are me seven years ago, keep your head up, find a job that has an opportunity, and fight for it. If your my sister-in-law... Get some respect for yourself and your kids. California politicians- do something to get Cali back on track. P.s. Those about to tell me to report on my sister-in-law, I have... Nada.  (Aug 22, 2014 | post #793)

Placerville, CA

Romney-Ryan - Placerville, CA

Dumb  (Sep 11, 2012 | post #1)


Why California sucks.

Woah, I haven't checked this topic in a longgggg time... Just finished reading all these posts... Took me three hours. Holy crap the conversation went everywhere... Wow. If you wished me luck, thank you. If you disagreed with me, I agree most of the disagreements have valid arguments. Life is Way better than it was when I first posted this. Not As great as it could be, but way better, meaning a lot less stress.  (Mar 15, 2011 | post #733)

Shingle Springs, CA

California OKs $20M Settlement For Kidnapped Girl

I suspect he's seperated from the rest of the population, just for that purpose.  (Jul 3, 2010 | post #2)


Not so depressing

With all the depressing news lately I've decided to share something not so depressing... I just farted. Come on, you know you smiled, so this post wasn't a complete waste of space... :D Sorry, had a "Red Bull" earlier and all hyped up. :D  (Sep 11, 2007 | post #1)


Surviving the New Killer Bug A nasty, drug-resistant stap...

My son (4) had to go to a children's hospital down in Sacramento, he has MRSA, from what I can gather that they're telling us, MRSA is a bacteria that resides on the skin and is resistant to a lot of drug treatments. Once your skin gets a cut that bacteria enters it and it's a b**** to get out, my son's infection turned into a boil :( and that had to be open up and stay open for a week with a cotton gauze pad inside his thigh...(talk about icky). That entire procedure...5 frickin days in the hospital because they wouldn't release him, so they could test him for MRSA. But he's doing good now, just gotta watch any small cuts.  (Sep 5, 2007 | post #63)


Mattel recalls millions more Chinese-made toys

Amen  (Aug 22, 2007 | post #2)

Shingle Springs, CA

Lakes Entertainment closes financing for Foothill Oaks Ca...

I also have grown up in this area, and as I may not totally agree with a new casino coming in, but this area hasn't been the "Community Oriented, Purely Rural Environment" since...ever... Rural in my book is having to go at least 20 miles to pick up a gallon of milk, not a 5 min drive, but hey, thats me I guess. But still, I can get the gambling and alcohol issues raised...but, um, where does the drugs come in?...  (Aug 22, 2007 | post #4)

News10 Sacramento

CHP Officer Hit by Pursued Vehicle

Finally got home and read up on the CHP Officer. My Condolences to Doug Scott Russell's wife and family. Thankfully; but not luckily for Mr. and Mrs. Russell, no child will be missing a father tonight :( . I also heard that there may have been a shootout on Missouri Flat Rd? But there is no information on that, that I saw. Can someone inform me a little better? If this David Zanon gets out of prison or where ever the hell he's going, I'm gonna go EL_Ravager on him, it's chicken**** that he swerved to hit a cop on the road with a car, he probably didn't even stop to think, just reacted with a spiteful vengeance against whom he was being chased by. As far as I'm concerned? If you belive in the death sentence (and I only do in extreme cases)the penalty should be, what ever you did to someone(s) else, should be done to you. That's right, bolt him to where Officer Russell was hit and then hit him with a car, without a blindfold. Grrr  (Jul 31, 2007 | post #95)

Shingle Springs, CA

Shingle Springs Fire Forces Evacuations

Yeah, little late here, but the fire was pretty dang close to my place off whispering pines, we were told to evacuate, pretty freaky, luckily no structures were burned or people injured, Thank Goodness.  (Jul 31, 2007 | post #8)

Borders & Harry Potter... Bands??? (Warning, just venting.)

Frickin' just found out you have to be at Borders to pick up "Bands" that they'll call out at Midnight by color and number, rather than a line. They start giving the bands at 9 AM today (Friday)... I have to work *sob* Oh well, guess that means I'll have to wait till Saturday to pick up my book rather than midnight tonight. Just wish they woulda told me sooner rather than today when I called to confirm my pre-order. >.<  (Jul 20, 2007 | post #1)



What up Cali-Gamers?!? :)  (Jul 19, 2007 | post #1)


Why California sucks.

... how did we get here from there? :)  (Jul 7, 2007 | post #85)


Why California sucks.

Ah, misread the "tone" in the message, apologies. But yes, my wife and I are working on making sure our kids have the ability to perhaps succeed better than we have done, not that we can afford to save a whole lot (yes I know it adds up over time:) But it would have been nice while I WAS unemployed to avoid the full cost of the hospital bill we had to incur for our son. But on the low wage my wife was on at that time and the unemployment pay I was receiving while looking for a new job, we were over the bracket for frickin Medi-Care (Or Medi-Cal, I forget which at this moment).  (Jun 30, 2007 | post #22)


Why California sucks.

Haven't figured out how to copy quotes yet sorry, but yes "Get Educated" I wrote "Was working at a gas station" we both have better jobs now. It's not like I was looking for a handout, I just wanted to make sure that I could take care of my kids properly, isn't that the right thing for a parent to do? And my kids aren't even in school yet (too young) :). And "Oneways " Articulate: My sister in law who has worked for maybe a week in her entire life (and she brags about it) and got on the welfare system and leeches off it along side her ex-con husband. I just don't think it's setting the right example for their kids and shouldn't be so easy for them to retain on the system for so long. Thanks for listening.  (Jun 30, 2007 | post #13)

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