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Oct 14, 2012

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Rio Hondo, TX

Faking injuries

Just wondering how the people from rio hondo feel that a teacher from the intermediate is taking college courses to get her masters but yet does not go to work due to "illness " ...I mean what a crock of bullish..t. Wow must be nice to get paid a to play "hookie" and still get your degree..someone probably already told her that she would be a principle...what standards is this school showing? What are the school board doing about this? Someone has to be held accountable for this...everyone knows who this is and just keep quite. This is the most ridiculous idiotic mundanity that has been happening for quite some time...where are the leaders that this school administration has? Can anyone just fake an injury and request days to be off? Why not quit and when fully recovered go back to work? This person has been doing this for a looooog time. The kids that she supposed should've been teaching in the past(elementary) they never got a chance to get taught anything....where is the responsibility? Oh I am sure that they will say this and that about her "illness " playing the apathy card as usual..everyone is against them routine....the school system should stop this nepotism behavior! Get a teacher that will be there just like everyone else that has been all year long...stop this atrocious act of nonsense fake illness that supposed is happening!  (Oct 14, 2012 | post #1)