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I am undeniably thankful to you for providing us with this invaluable critical info.  (Mar 19, 2013 | post #4)

Financial transaction tax tabled by European Commission

The European Commission has tabled its controversial financial transaction tax (FTT), despite the fact that only 11 member states out of 27 support it. The tax, proposed by Commissioner Algirdas Semeta in Brussels, has been adopted by 11 eurozone states, including France, Germany and Spain. The FTT aims to raise public funds and encourage more responsible trading by financial institutions. Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso pushed ahead with the tax, despite opposition. But there are fears it will catch non-participating countries in its net. The levy, set at 0.1% for shares and bonds and 0.01% for derivatives, will apply to all transactions "with an established link to the FTT-zone", theEuropean Commission said in a statement, and could raise 30-35bn euros (£26-30bn; $40-47bn) a year. Mr Semeta, commissioner responsible for taxation, said: "On the table is an unquestionably fair and technically sound tax, which will strengthen our single market and temper irresponsible trading." The tax will apply if any party to the transaction is based in a participating member state, regardless of where the transaction takes place - the so-called "residence principle" - and it is this provision that is causing the most controversy. Chas Roy-Chowdhury, head of taxation at the the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) told the BBC: "This tax is actually quite draconian and bad for the eurozone. It will drive a coach and horses through the single market and force banks to relocate outside the FTT zone." Opposition The tax, known as the Tobin tax after the economist who came up with the idea, was proposed by the EC in September 2011. But the 27 member states could not agree, with Britain in particular voicing opposition to the proposal. As a result 11 eurozone countries applied to go it alone under "enhanced co-operation" rules. The Commission agreed and the European Union's Council of Finance Ministers adopted the proposal in January 2013. uk/news/business-2 1457562  (Feb 14, 2013 | post #1)

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Zoo in Barcelona

Als u denkt van het nemen van een familie-uitje in Barcelona, zijn de activiteiten, uitstapjes en excursies van één dag beschikbaar voor u om te genieten van eindeloos. Of u willen zou stoeien in de golven op het strand van Barceloneta, of spelen met de kinderen in Parc Güell, er is zeker een avontuur dat is een absolute must voor ieder gezin een bezoek aan de Catalaanse hoofdstad: de Barcelona Zoo. Barcelona Zoo is een van de favoriete barcelona toeristische attracties voor kinderen. Naast een groot aantal dieren is er ook een trein voor kinderen, een restaurant en een winkel om souvenirs te kopen na het bezoek. Gelegen in het groene hart van het historische centrum van de stad, opende de dierentuin eerst zijn deuren in 1892. Barcelona zoo is het doel van het verstrekken van een natuurlijke habitat voor de diersoorten.Deze dierentuin bevat een collectie van dieren van meer dan 400 verschillende soorten van over de hele wereld. De dierentuin neemt ook deel aan verschillende internationale en Europese fokprogramma’s en het onderhoud van bedreigde soorten. Deze dierentuin heeft ook dolfijn shows dat is niet de norm, zij lopen 4 keer per dag. Het duurt ongeveer 2 uur om te doen een rondleiding van de dierentuin. • De activiteit van de dierentuin is gebaseerd op drie hoofdgebieden: de openbaarmaking, de theresearch en de bescherming van dieren in gevaar. • Het herbergt 4.000 dieren behorend tot de meer dan 400 soorten: de nakomelingen van sneeuwvlok, dolfijnen, katten, tropische vogels, reptielen, enz.. • De dierentuin biedt een breed scala aan diensten om te genieten van een familie dag: restaurants, bars, pony’s, rijden treinen, elektrische auto’s, winkel, picknickplaatsen. • Presenteert grote ruimten van inheemse flora. • Dagelijkse dolfijnen show in 11.30 uur, 13.30 en 16.30 uur. • Uren van Zoo: • Van 1 januari tot maart 26: 10 h – 17 h. • Van 27 maart tot mei 15: 10 am – 18 pm. • Van 16 mei tot 15 September: 10 am – 19 pm. • Van 16 September tot oktober 29: 10 am – 18 pm. • Van 30 oktober tot en met 31 December: * 10 h – 17 h. * Op 25 December alleen open tot 14 uur. • Adres: Parc de la Ciutadella s / n. Metro: L1-Arc de Triomphe-L4 Ciutadella Olympisch dorp. • Geldigheid van post: 3 maanden te rekenen vanaf de datum van aankoop. Hoe krijg ik naar de dierentuin De Barcelona Zoo is gemakkelijk bereikbaar vanaf beide de Metro lijn 4 (halte Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica) en de Metro L1 (Arc de Triomf halte). De dierentuin is geopend van 10 am – 5 pm in de winter, maar in de zomer blijft het open tot 7: 30 pm. Tickets kunnen worden gekocht online of bij de gate, met volwassen tickets kost 15,40€, en kinderen krijgen voor 9,30€. Als u Barcelona met uw gezin dit jaar bezoekt, is een reis naar de Barcelona Zoo een must! Een aantal generaties hebben doorlopen deze geweldige site, en u ook zal ongetwijfeld tegenkomt uw zeer eigen adembenemende momenten en maken er sommige geliefd geheugen. Dus, pak uw dierbaren, boek een van de manyapartments in Barcelona en hoofd aan de Catalaanse hoofdstad voor een familie ervaring die je nooit zult vergeten! http://barcelona.t 012/11/11/zoo-in-b arcelona/  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #1)

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Crime & Safety in Barcelona – The Tyler Group

In comparison with other western countries, violent crime is relatively uncommon in Spain. In fact, one of the attractions for expats is the sense of safety that many feel when walking around cities such as Barcelona. However petty street crime is rife in the city and precautions should be taken to make sure you don’t fall victim to a mugging or bag snatch incident. Common sense behavior such as not carrying large amounts of money or ensuring bags are securely closed are as important here as any other city. Pickpockets work in groups, and are experts in diversion techniques. If someone tries to attract your attention or bumps into you, be especially aware as this could be a purse snatch in action. One particular scam is to throw a liquid similar to bird droppings on a person. This person is then approached by an apparently well-meaning passer-by offering to help to clean off the offending liquid, and then the victim discovers later that items are missing. For more info check the link below: http://zachary-ben nett-5811.skyrock. com/3140636680-Cri me-&-Safety-in -Barcelona.html  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #1)

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Best for Expatriates in Spain

As an expat, your circumstances are likely to change more often than if you were in your home country. Clear financial advice and planning means that expatriate life is without worry and that your future is taken care of. Financial planning requirements vary from country to country and expatriates living in Spain may need to allocate their investments in a different way. These are the elements that make expatriate financial planning different. CURRENCY One of the first financial steps when relocating abroad may involve exchanging currency to that of the new country. It is important to search around for the best deal at both banks and specialist currency dealers. If an income is received from another country in another currency, it will need to be exchanged into the currency of new country. The impact of a regular currency conversion can leave a person exposed. Currencies move quickly and often; it may be necessary to “forward book” some of the currency exchanging to fix the rate of exchange. When it comes to arranging savings and investments, different currencies also need to be taken into consideration. In principle, if the investments are generating income used to live on, they should be in the same currency as the expenditure. EMERGENCY CASH FUND Regardless of the country of residence, an amount of cash should be instantly available for emergencies. In the case of expatriates, this fund needs to be higher because inevitably additional trips back home are required (for example, trips to see ailing and infirm relatives). The amount required depends on individual circumstances and a financial adviser takes this into account when financial planning. Expatriates need a bank account in more than one country; a local bank account is required in the local currency. It is also often necessary to retain a bank account for residual issues in the home country. Choosing a bank Some banks are available in Spain and other countries (for example Santander and HSBC) which could make it the preferred choice; a bank might be chosen because it has a conveniently located branch and cash-machine. Banking regulation differs between countries which require extra vigilance (the Spanish Cajas and the German Landesbanks may be examples of this in the future). TAX PLANNING With double taxation agreements between, for example, the UK and Spain, it must be determined in which country tax is paid. This involves definitions of “residence” and “domicile”. In a home country these are likely to be the same but after relocating, they may be different. Inheritance tax is different and it is easy to be caught in two tax regimes. RETIREMENT PLANNING A recent survey found that the highest concern for expatriates is to ensure that they have enough funds for retirement. If retiring in a new country there are many factors to take into account such as what to do with a pension from another. HEALTH CARE Many British expatriates state that the health care in Spain is as good as the UK. However, despite this many of them return to the UK in later years due to health problems. It is worthwhile to look into the Spanish state health care; additional health care cover may be required. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLING If children are involved in a family move to a new country, schooling is a concern. Many countries have a requirement to pay towards education costs. School fees might be required to educate children at an international school. There is also the option of boarding school (this is an expensive option). http://thetylergro roup-barcelona-fin ancial-legal/  (Jan 28, 2013 | post #1)