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Feb 1, 2013

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pharmacy shorted me wtf do i do

what everyone is saying is right but what i do is consistently use the same pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist every time (3 times) a month to get my scripts and am friendly with all the phar techs, i been short on 7 xanax 18 30's an 3 soma before and they just gave them to me no questions asked (the first time they called my doc -guess to ask him if i have drug seekin behavior like askin for early scripts or to lie about missing pills- after talking to him) they refounded them but my whole fam uses this cvs an my mom was there to back me and its a small town an everyone knows everyone sure thats not the case with most id ask to go in the back or an office to count them cause counting my 180 roxys in a busy store probis a good way to get hit with a hammer and robbed in the parking lot, i dont have to do that but just tell the person you dont trust them an only use them for the priece but will not use them an they will loss a costumer take me some place safe to count three it shouldnt be a problem..if it is call the cops and stand there the whole time and slip 2 or 3 out and tell them hold tis till the cops come an count it infront of them while u no its short, then they will deff never short you again  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #35)

Any tips to help ease my withdrawals?

whoes "they" if you read my reply i think you will see as an addict an my career in the med feild i think i "know" a lil bit but if you have more info plz share and help these people and i love to learn new things..sorry for being nosey i know you prop ment nothing by it and where not even speaking to me just rubbed me the wrong way when you say they and what we know cause your comments on here where helpfull but nothing new or what ppl before you an after have said so if you now more info thats not up or i didnt cover share it plz..and good luck with your sobriety and hope your still clean today, iseen other post by u an i know from the 1 or two i remember (im sure i seen more but cant remember) you had it ruff an then some again a ruff recovery -like myself- so if you still are great job and b proud of yourself cause it seems like you fought your ass off to get it..enjoy your day  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #121)

Ocala, FL

murders at rainbow gatherings in ocala forest

i go there with my friends and camp and smoke weed its easy to know who to stay away from my friends are all hippies when someone with fangs ana treanch coat comes up to you just through them out your site, an for thee most part everyone peaceful an looks out for eachother  (Mar 27, 2013 | post #5)

Ocala, FL

any? support group for people in recovery who have to tak...

repledd to you is it possible for you or someone to delee my rpy post?  (Mar 27, 2013 | post #3)

Any tips to help ease my withdrawals?

wow didnt think it was that long. kindda rambled on there if anyone acctually reads it i hope it helps soe one an feel free to ask questions glad to help an if anyone knows of any other ideas plz tell me so if i ever need help again or help a frien from 1 of the many rehabs an detoxs i been to i have more info "knowlage is power" (even if u cant spell knowlage)so id love to hear new ideas on top of a few i already read on hear peace and love  (Feb 8, 2013 | post #116)

#####Tussionex and Actavis Prometh w/c purple syrup##

figured there f uc king so stupid steal ur urser name and 0put you on the other side of the world sayin you made a istae not even 8 hours later lol clowns, this is y i never been robbed or scammed cause i a smarter then these fools  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #21)

#####Tussionex and Actavis Prometh w/c purple syrup##

so plz explaine to me (the real fentcoloado how your location -meaning you- got from denever to europe in 7 hrs an 55 min fet theese guys got product drank it then came on here with just a user nae no since jan 13 no 80 next to the green box (i still dont no what that means) im pretty sure my IQ is higher then that of a rock an someone made that false name to not make this look like a scam, how can u guys proove this aint a scam  (Feb 5, 2013 | post #18)

Got me on my knees....speed for opiates in WV

k first let me start by asking is it a large ammount cause i not one of these little kid morons that will wire you money and just hope some speed will show up on my door step with a guy whho has a pen and askin me to sign not a few men with guns askin me to get on the ground i dont do meth so i need to know what kind of speed it is and i didnt want adhd meds so let e no what it is an if its meth messageme on here an we can talk and i ment for th opiates (were im from we call boy and pain killers or any opiumebassed drug dope) i was askin waht kind of opiates cause i got roxys methadone ms cotin an duladid but no boy so let me no if this something u always want to do cause i get off papper in a month or so then im goin to ny an ima pass through pa an i can meet u in person and btw if your a cop i was just joking i dont have drugs im 13 and ess with ppl on here but for real messege me on here click on my profile an leave a essage if this soethin ur always looking to do  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #6)

#####Tussionex and Actavis Prometh w/c purple syrup##

you got it? how long it take and was it on poit ml a quality wise, no cut shit?  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #11)

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doctor plz, some more of these


ocala, FL


great kills,bay ridge

Local Favorites:

new to this area and have bad epilepsy so cant go many places

I Belong To:

nothing because i jusy reacently movedd but i am a member of the staten island kenal club, just not very active from 1,000 miles away

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wtf? thats not even a question. most of these are'nt when im not on here im doing something else

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im the only intelligent being left on earth

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bob dylan,the rolling stones

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i in the middle of writting one right now so when i finish it i will tellyou to read the one i wrote

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reading, writing, woman, partying (with or with out friends), my family, animals

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"maybe then i'll fade away and not have to face the facts".."lets do some living, after we die

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natraul order of life & nanoonism