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May 9, 2011

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Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

Garyuk here is part of a post my wife wrote about after she was comming off of effexor My husband says that it was divine intervention that brought the next chain of events into effect. And I have never been religious but I believe in my heart that there was someone looking out for me and our family. On the floor in my room behind a locked door I loaded our .45 with one single hollow point shell. I sent my husband and one other a txt message saying goodbye and pressed send. Cocked it and put it to the side of my head. When my husband busted through the door and went for the gun I tried pulling the trigger. Just as he grabbed the gun the clip fell out and no bullet in chamber. He has taught me a lot about guns and shooting. I know how to load a gun and shoot. After this my husband looked up the effects of effexor and oh my god, was it ever scary reading these peoples stories. I was looking into a mirror that I was sharing with hundreds of other people. It was so sad and heart wrenching reading how many lives were destroyed because of these medications they were on. Mainly effexor. Shortly after my puppies had chewed up my bottle of effexorI decided then that that was it. I was not going to renew my meds. My husband and I prepared myself for the withdrawal with fish oil and lots of Tylenol pms. After about a month I literally woke up and everything that I had been doing and feeling made me so sick to my stomach and scared the shit out of me. I had panic attacks every day as soon as I woke up until I feel asleep .That is if I slept because now I’m getting all my feelings and emotions back and realizing what I have done to our family. Now I can feel again and this is what I get to live with for the rest of my life. A year later and I have told my husband everything. He has chosen to stay and work this out and get on with our lives.  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #6268)

Effexor Withdrawal- any suggestions?

when my wife was comming off of effexor she was having the same symptoms. She said taking fish oil pills was taking away the brain zaps and the wooshes she would tak 1500 mil in the morning the same in the afternoon and at night. if she started to get the zaps she would take a few fishoil pils and they would go away shortly after.  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #8035)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

For my wife it wasnt long after she had been tappering off the effexor probably 3 to 4 months and about the same for me i had noticed her getting depressed because she was getting her emotions back and was feeling gulty about what she had done also she saw how i was getting upset at her lifestyle that she was leading. sorry it took so long to reply we are still doing good she is happy and is not on any kind of medications thank god, because of her "effexor event" as we refer to it she will never go back on any kind of ssri or snri again  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #6267)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

Just wanted to check back in with you all, it has been sometime since my last post on here. My wife and I are doing so much better she is effexor and med free, the brain zaps come and go every once and awhile but I have my wife back! She is back almost to how she was before effexor numbed her, that loving woman I fell in love with is doing great without the meds but she is still trying to getting past all the terrible things she did while on effexor as am I but time heals all wounds. she has become even more of a wife and an even better mother than she was before! I guess I just wanted to tell you all that there is hope! Keep fighting and don't give up! I wish you all the best of luck with your strugle with this terrible situation caused by these horrible drugs!  (Apr 27, 2012 | post #5378)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

Meredth, i too have thought of the same thing time and time again you defiantly are not alone! it is hard to watch your spouse go through this and not beable to get them to understand what you are going through this is by far the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with in my 41 yrs on this earth. I just hope that god has a place reserved for me when he choses my time to come home  (Oct 6, 2011 | post #3997)

Winnemucca, NV

Tweakers in your town do you know who they are?

tweakers are every where in nevada do you know who they are in Winnemucca? They come from all over GARDNERVILLE he knows who he is!!  (Sep 8, 2011 | post #1)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

today i recived a call from pfizer wanting more info about the "effexor event" my wife went through.I hope this is going to lead to something being done about what SSRI's & SNRI's are doing to loved ones. Hopefully all my emails and work to get these meds looked at is paying off. I will keep all informed about my progress with this issue. Again i encourage all to do the same flood the prespective companies with complants about these meds as well as the FDA. everyone stay strong hopefully there is an end in site!  (Sep 2, 2011 | post #3492)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

as i was told as a kid "the sqweaky wheel gets the grease" flood the fda all the makers of these drugs anyone you can think of someone will help get this out to the public!!  (Aug 27, 2011 | post #3388)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

Also have been as i said emailing everyone i can think of to get the word out cnn hln fox our local channels, the big wigs at pfizer pres. vp, the vp of comms. I am going to continue to do so till i feel that i have receved an acceptable answer about what is going to be done about what this drug does. again please get the word out if you are on face book post this link start another group lets all be heard and try to stop this from happening to another couple!  (Aug 27, 2011 | post #3387)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

Hi all , I have been contacting all that I can think of about the problems people have been experancing. below is a letter that i got back from Pfizer the makers of effexor Thank you for your recent correspondence to Pfizer dated August 22, 2011. Due to the nature of your request, your inquiry was referred to Pfizer’s Medical Information Department. We always appreciate hearing from patients regardless of whether they are sharing a positive experience, a concern, or an idea for improving our processes and products. In your letter, you described your wife’s experience while receiving Effexor XR and following discontinuation of this medication. We understand that when patients experience events like this it must be a very difficult situation. Please be assured that Pfizer is vigilant in monitoring adverse drug reports for all its products, and has extensive systems in place to collect, review and report these data. As we are committed to patient safety, your experience is important to us and we have reported the events you described as adverse events as required by us under federal food and drug regulations. Please note that you may be contacted by a member of our safety department to obtain more details regarding the adverse events your wife has experienced. Your wife’s unfortunate experience highlights the need for patients to engage in a regular dialogue with their doctor when taking a medication so that the patient and healthcare professional may make informed decisions about whether the medicine is right for the patient. Pfizer provides prescribing information to doctors and other healthcare professionals who can discuss the information with their patients, determine what is best for their patients, and make the clinical decision whether to prescribe. Patients are unique in their medical histories and current health conditions. Similarly, patients’ responses to Effexor XR therapy vary. It is important to discuss questions and concerns regarding the management of Effexor XR therapy with the healthcare professional who had prescribed Effexor XR to your wife. Healthcare professionals can utilize their clinical experience and knowledge of Effexor XR to provide appropriate guidance specific to each individual patient. Please note that the Effexor XR prescribing information includes warnings and precautions regarding the possibility of worsening of depression and emergence of suicidal ideation and behavior (suicidality) in patients when they are taking antidepressants. The prescribing information also provides information on discontinuation symptoms which may occur with antidepressants such as Effexor XR and provides information regarding discontinuation of treatment with Effexor XR. Thank you again for sharing your experience. I hope our response has been helpful. If you would like additional assistance please contact us. Sincerely, Pfizer Medical Information I encourage you all to flood them with your experances let them hear what there drugs are doing to our loved ones  (Aug 27, 2011 | post #3386)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

when we went to counsuling and told him what all she was taking it seemed like he was saying it was because of all the prescribed meds and the meth that caused the "effexor event" didnt want to get into it with him (probably would have hit him) so i let it go. another shrink i talked with he was saying the ssri in some people brings out their bipolar disorder (if they have one) he was really not to receptive ether about the effexor.wanted to keep telling me that it sounds like my wife is bipolar. But after telling him that she is no longer behaving out of charicter after getting off the effexor said lets not quistion it, its great she is doing better, without the meds lets hope it stays as such. Then contiued on with our session. so there wasnt a blame put on other meds as far as them causing the same effects just a combo of all the meds and street drugs that had lead to her behavior.  (Jul 16, 2011 | post #3072)

Marriages destroyed by SSRI's/SNRIs

btdt she has not had any withdrawals for some time now but states she is not 100% back to her old self.She has been off of the meds for just over a year, I can say i am quite happy with the positive changes she is doing. She is one hell of a woman and i am a very lucky man to have her back again!  (Jul 16, 2011 | post #3069)